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Crannog brewing’s “backhand of god” stout…

Crannog brewing’s “backhand of god” stout at undisclosed location in exclusive enclave – premium

in the abyss, one man stands alone…

in the abyss, one man stands alone … with only a giant stein of beer and a crocheted beer can toque to protect him … how will he survive?

Via @johnbollwitt Dude, this screams cover art for something. {note: this is a wild photo – seems so serious while goofy)

now at Canadians game with bevvie…

Update: now at Canadians game with bevvie 


decided to name it Stowaway IPA thanks to @uncleweed…

Me: When i think of IPAs, I think of wooden hulled trading ships heading ‘round the horn to India @capnpat – So that tells me “Stowaway IPA”

RT @capnpat: I’m going to walk you through step by step as I brew my first IPA. I decided to name it Stowaway IPA thanks to @uncleweed.


heading to Sommerfest 2009 a German Style Fest…

Brother @danmathias & I will be heading to Sommerfest 2009 a German Style Fest held outdoors on Sunday – Are you coming?

reading, drinking, listening…

Reading Tin Tin in the Land of the Soviets, drinking Bowen Island beer, listening to CBC radio 2, roasting a bowl http://twitpic.com/8x0hw

At UBC Pit pub with brother Dan…

At UBC Pit pub with brother dan – he’s got 1 more engineering exam tomorrow- but first … A jug of Russel Cream Ale!

Dual Beer Fest Action! – Choogle On! #72

Dual Beer Fest Action! – Choogle on #72
Dual Beer Fest Action! – Choogle on #72

Starting at the Great Canadian Beer Fest in Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island), Uncle Weed samples some tasty ales and listens to lovely lasses play Hip tunes and chats with barmen and revelers.

Much later (post appendectomy) UW and friends attend Oktoberfest at the German Alpen House in Vancouver where he recounts trips to Munich for while a young choogler and then rambles about old men dancing and such … 

Line-up for Dual Beer Fest Action – Choogle on #72 (.mp3, 18:56, 18MB)

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Beer sampling with KK at Skagit River brew pub in Mt. Vernon

Beer Sampler at Skajit River Brewery, Mt. Vernon, WA

Enjoying some sample beers with Kris and Francis at Skajir River Brew Pub in Mt. Vernon, Washington en route to Gnomedex. We riff about various styles of beers (barleywine, stouts, porters, IPAs etc) and try to be pleasant.

Happy 38th Birthday Tribute from Miss604

Rebecca Bollwitt, my dear pal and social media co-conspirator wrote a lovely birthday post for my 38th birthday, Aug 16 2008. I am very fortunate for these lovely words.

DrupalCamp Vancouver Day Two

Here are a few:

Hopping into the wayback machine let’s explore late 2005. John had just moved to Canada to be with me and decided to add me on his podcast, RadioZoom as co-host/local expert. At the time he was immersing himself in podcasts and connecting with interesting hosts all over the globe. One person that he had been corresponding with was Dave Olson, who did several podcasts and made appearances on Clubside Breakfast Time. I’d often hear stories from John about the ultimately cool Uncleweedand Cosmo G Spacely.

After meeting in 2006, we ventured out into the hockey podcasting realm in October of that year with the great Uncleweed. Since then it’s been a non-stop adventure withThe Crazy Canucks along with our co-hosts JJ and Alanah.

The Crazy Canucks on CKNW talkin' bout Podcasting

Photo credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr

Photo credit: John Biehler on Flickr

Photo credit: Raul on Flickr

On top of being a mentor in podcasting, Dave is also an inspiration to bloggers having coined the now internet-famous “F*ck Stats Make Art” motto at this year’s Northern Voice conference.

Here is a small sample of Dave’s Podcast and Blog Portfolio (not including his Raincityand happyfrog works): Choogle on with Uncleweed Podcast hi-jinks / Blog, Canucks Outsider Hockey Podcast / Blog, Out n’ About with Uncle Weed Travelin’ man vidcast,Postcards from Gravelly Beach Literature Podcast / Blog, Olympic Outsider Winter Sports-Culture / Blog, Mountain Highway Writer’s Notebook / Blog, Ephemeral Feasthouse Miscellania & Notes

Personally, Dave has always been a great friend to both John and me. He gives straight up advice, helps us cross promote our projects like crazy, and is always there to offer an inspirational word when I feel like the blogging world has got me down. I think what makes Dave even more cool in my books is that he went to high school in Surrey, just like I did. Even though there are a few years between us (I won’t say how many since this is supposed to be a very sweet tribute) we can still reminisce about the old days, the old hood, the things Whalley has seen and where it’s going. We know this place; we’ve formed ourselves through our experiences in Metro Vancouver and I hold his opinion of my site, and its integrity as a local blog, in the highest regard.

Even though we couldn’t get away to camp with Dave this weekend we’ve enjoyed many good times like watching the Canucks, talking Whalley Little League, promoting green living, playing golf, and most recently hiking in Lynn Valley.

It’s today that I raise a pint of tasty fermented beverage in honor of my bro Dave’s birthday. Here’s to many more years of grassroots media making and good times on and off the grid.