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Artifacts: Patagonia Quarterly With “Do Boys” & Mountain Travel

Tidying up my archive and found issue 1, March 1985 of “Patagonia, A Quarterly Review” with the “Do* Boys Do the Yellowstone” on cover. Pleasing articles within too including YC’s “State of #Patagonia , Nov 94”.

Never saw another issue of this and remember (in the early days of the Internet) asking Patagonia HQ about this and they had no idea (they replied with a pleasant letter which I still might find)… so, this was just sitting in a box since the 1980s sometime, waiting for today.

“There’s two kinds of growth: growth that makes you fat, and growth that makes you strong.”

Yvon Choinard

I learned a lot about grassroots marketing and community building from following the company in the late 1980s.

Specifically: They community-sourced photos for catalogs, had a toll-free number “just for advice”, provided sponsored gear for *regular interesting people* rather than professionals. All tactics I later used in business endeavors.

Related: Mountain Travel catalog which fascinated me as I pondered which trips/tours/adventures to join… (and thinking about how I could be one of the person that was a guide like did this for a job) // I never did *exactly* this & deserves more of a riff but for now, here is the front and back of a wonderful dream book.

Crowdsource from your Community the Tom Sawyer Way – Community Nuggets Vol.1

Back in January, my fellow community managers at HootSuite and I came together with mycmgr.com to produce a series of info videos called ‘Community Nuggets.’

Below is the one I appeared in using Tom Sawyer as an example of how to effectively crowdsource from your community.

Enjoy: Crowdsource from your Community the Tom Sawyer Way – Community Nuggets Vol.1

From the West Ender about Phones for Fearless Campaign

NEWS: Technology for all

Posted By: Jackie Wong
12/31/2008 12:00 AM
From: http://www.westender.com/articles/entry/technology-for-all/
Re: Phones for Fearless campaign for Raincity Studios and Fearless City

A used cellphone or digital camera might linger in the dusty depths of a closet — or worse, in a landfill — for years. But now, local tech developers, community organizers and artists are breathing new life into used mobile devices with Vancouver’s Phones for Fearless campaign, a project that aims to gather used cellphones and digital cameras for redistribution in the Downtown Eastside, enabling neighbourhood residents to tell their stories with the technology and, ultimately, connect with family and jobs.

The campaign is organized by local web services agency Raincity Studios along with Fearless City, a non-profit organization that uses mobile technology to provide resources and cultural outreach to Downtown Eastside residents. The Phones for Fearless campaign has been operating since December 23, and is currently soliciting donations of used digital cameras, cellphones (preferably with video, camera, or wi-fi functions), chargers, and spare batteries. Donations can be dropped off at the Roundhouse Community Centre (181 Roundhouse Mews), Pathways (390 Main Street), or Raincity Studios (1 Alexander Street).

“A consistent problem we experience in the Downtown Eastside is being represented sensationally by outside media, fueling the notion of a helpless community,” says Irwin Oostindie, who coordinates the Fearless City mobile campaign. “Fearless City is a project to confront the digital divide in one of Canada’s poorest inner cities, while providing access and peer training to community generated media so that residents in our neighbourhood can control their own representation.”

Developers at Raincity Studios have been using Twitter, Flickr, and blogging platforms to spread the word of the Phones for Fearless campaign. “The thing that’s neat about using tools like Twitter, blogs, and Flickr is it opens us up to a much bigger audience,” says Dave Olson of Raincity Studios. “We’re getting responses from California and Ottawa. It really gives us an opportunity to amplify our message to a much wider area, and much more quickly.”

Once the phones are collected and inventoried by Raincity and Fearless City workers, they will be available to Downtown Eastside residents on an as-needed basis, enabling residents to engage with mobile technologies that might otherwise be unavailable to them due to financial barriers. “Many people can afford the occasional use of a device without being caught in an expensive data plan,” says Oostindie. “It’s about a ‘handset’-up, not a handout — giving people access to appropriate technology to be engaged citizens, not merely surviving below a glass ceiling of independence.”

KK with a handful

Kris Krug, a developer with Raincity Studios, holds up the first batch of used cellphones and other electronic devices donated to the Phones for Fearless campaign

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Phones for Fearless City campaign kicks-off

NOTE: Cross-posted from Fearless City.

Donate phones to Fearless to help Vancouver downtown eastside artists and residents

Donate your old mobile phones to help DTES artists share stories, and tap into life, jobs & family.

How can you help?

  1. Your used mobile phones – preferably with video, camera, wi-fi
  2. Cash donations (* tax deductible) or new phone donations
  3. Conversation – tell your friend on your blog, twitter, etc. – post a badge

Action Plan: First, Gather phones! Collect all the un-used mobile phones at your office and home – dig into your boxes of stuff, ask you friends! Digital cameras gratefully accepted too.
Next, Arrange Pick-up:

  • Let us know via Twitter: Fearless City, email: info (at) fearlessmedia (dot) ca, Phone/SMS: 604.644.4349, Voice mail: 604.682.3269 xt 8320
  • We’ll come by on purple Yahoo bikes on Tues. Dec. 23rd & 30th to collect your devices
  • We’ll take your photo, bring treats, and thank you publicly with a link

Or, Drop-off (after Tuesday, 23rd) at:

Want to be a drop-off point? Let us know.

Even send by Postal Mail to: Fearless City
PO Box 88023
418 Main St
Vancouver, BC V6A 4A4


  • Remove your chip, and clear your contacts before donating (all phones will be completely cleared before released).
  • Please include chargers and accessories – used digital cameras also welcome, batteries too!
  • Unusable phones will be donated to FreeGeek for reuse and recycling

Who is Fearless? Fearless is a Vancouver Non-Profit group providing tools, resources, and cultural outreach to artists and residents in the impoverished downtown Eastside neighbourhood. Fearless is a project of the DTES Community Arts Network (CAN)

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