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Social media bonanza update

Michael MIllionaireRolling out podcasts at a usual epic pace including a few new series and guest appearances of sorts – so, in case you missed any these new and old series, here you go:

The Crazy CanucksTCC#42 – Special Report: DaveO on the 2007 Super Series – a bit stale now but John added some beats while make my historical spiel worth a listen if you weren’t paying attention see also: TCC#49 – It’s still early in the season

Postcards from Gravelly Beach – Part second to last of the for Remembrance series with an essay about why not to wear a poppy (respect by avoiding war) and some more hand-selected tunes paired like a pinot noir and gorgonzola – Peace to Soldiers and Strangers – Postcard #48

Raincity Radio – i’ve resurrected an old series, previously shepherded by Mark Yuasa, Robert scales, Megan Cole and others .. so far busted out a healthy batch about web community building in Vancouver and elsewhere with guests including Jordan Behan, Marc Laporte, Boris Mann, Robert, Francis, Erik, Mark, etc.

Choogle on! a whole heap of these:

Thanksgiving with Absinthe and Fungi Tea – Choogle on #54

Hemp for Victory with Author Kenyon Gibson – Choogle on #52

Tasty Asian Night Market Joint – Choogle on #53

Midnight Riverside Joint with the Dopefiend – Choogle on #51

Dopecast95: LIVE from Vancouver and Seattle!
My UK counterpart came to visit and we talked and toked and recorded it all for your listening pleasure. I offer half-asses analysis about the urban mileiu of Vancouver, forests, transportation, planning, politics, weed …

Canucks Outsider – third season is three episodes in with Shifting into Gear, Sorta – Canucks Outsider #58

Out ‘n About with Uncle Weed – This travelin’ man chronicles is growing quick as i make new personal docu-diaries and find other clips needing a home Blip.tv ShowFeediTunes

Noteworthy – my personal podfather, Cosmo Goodbud Spacely of Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast started a new series Spacely’s Sprockets being a short literary snippet, a song or two and his most curious thoughts so Subscribe!

Canadian Podcast Buffet – In #74: Cross-country audio and portable recorders, podcast diplomat Mark Blevis came to visit Vancouver and recorded some snippets of me, the charming Bollwits Radio John, Miss 604 and the hilarious dudes from Suburban Transpondency & Foreskin Radio begging the question “why so many fine podcasters come from Surrey?”

coal harbour


Roland’s Rabble
discussion about the open soft/hard OpenMoko and other phones seeking to shake up the mobile industry (iPhone, rumoured Google phone) with Bryght’s Mr. Furley and PhP guru Audrey F.

Postcards from Gravelly Beach
Final chapter of the White Poppies for Remembrance series – out in time for Remembrance day – this “back cover” of the series features me spieling on about the remnants and artifacts of war and the folks pointing the troops to conflict and their motivations while wandering around London

Postcards from Radio Zoom
Radio Zoom John and I are planning a plan to bring the music i used in the WPfR series to his music-focused show.
This includes:
World of Hurt – Drive by Truckers
White Daisy Passing – Rocky Votolato
Mercy –
Refresh –
Providence – Chris Jacobsen
Brokedown Palace – Grateful Dead
First Vietnam War/Snipers at the Gates of Heave – The Black Angels
Gone Beyond – Akron/Family
Be Joyful! –
ahh,… the i’ll jsut looka the White Poppies archive

another PfGB- more with Wm Lenker at the Woodshed this time a sort of John Sinclair inspired reading – seeking the right JS tracks to combo it with, Comso, you got some Sinclair beat tracks for me?

Choogle on!’s section of the Podcast Queue clean-out bonanza is nearing an end, next up (in no particular order):

– Numbskulz grow up – the third installment of these rocksters

– London last wander, maybe a bonus show about getting to London from vancouver with thoughts on NYC and elsewhere – might go under the Feasthouse label if not Choogley enough

– Herby’s tales of ganja growing and swinging at Wreck beach recorded in a grow room with Dopefiend

– with the leftovers, mix up a “big psychedelic mop-up tray” of all that’s left including a drunken (well me anyhow) discussion on the role of union in modern economy, some clips of the Dalai Lama’s Canadian citizenship ceremony, hanging out watching Seattle planes land with Cosmo, etc.

So this winter, move on to:

– Clayoquot recordings, water shortage, first nations reservation, skateboard comp, sitting in the woods with eagles perched overhead, wandering along trails, reading poetry and essays on clearcuts …

and record (possibly “instudio”) discourse on:

  • War resistance – seeking refuge in Canada
  • Marc Emery – extradition hearing status
  • Immigrating to Canada – ways and means
  • Growing weed in a small space – safe and personal

Another Urban Vancouver:

  • HempC soda pop taste test

Next on Raincity Radio:

  • Scales’ international business exploits to China, Blogworld and more
  • Michael Fergusson about web communities for families and Facebook marketing Kinzin
  • Boris and Francis about best practices for Drupal debuggin process management
  • Dmitri, William, Colin at BAD Camp

Upcoming Olympic Outsider:

  • a couple interviews which still need edited, release and all that with Duff Gibson and Crispin Lipscomb

All for now – Enjoy!

Podcast Queue

Podcast Editing Bonanza – Showpack Roster

OK sorting out the show roster to edit to give ’em titles for album art and descriptions and all that and help folks choose open or two they might wanna edit (or just to get folks excited about what’s coming up …

a-canucks-floorball – Swiss Invade Canada at BC Floorball Challenge – Features interviews with the sport’s Scandanavian ambassadors to Canada and some most excellent Swiss players (plus banter about Swiss culture) and some local Canadian upstarts – many files

a-choogle-happyvappy – The Happy Vappy Action Man – Interview with Ferd, the designer who makes the Happy Vappy from his workshop in the commercial district of Vancouver on a rainy Sunday discussing the whys and hows of his business and the benefits of vaporization – one file

a-choogle-japan-story – Japanese Mountain Satori-time – On a walk, Uncle Weed recounts and recollects spent in the mountains of Japan learing the old way of the culture by harvesting rice and mushrooms and learning about cannabis’ rich history in Japan in a town called Miasa, beautiful hemp.
steve of the mountains

a-choogle-london-camden – Space Cruise to Camden Town

a-choogle-london-hempforvictory – Hemp for Victory with Author Kenyon Gibson
Kenyon Gibson, Author

a-choogle-london-rainy-bridges – London’s Rainy Bridges, Prisons and Obelisk
http://flickr.com/photos/blindphotography/644373168/ (Victoria Potter)

a-choogle-london-westminister-wander – Insomniatic Musings on Royalty, War and Statuary
clock tower (home of Big Ben)

a-choogle-numbskulz-growup – The Numbskulz Grow Up (and Rock Out)

a-choogle-nyc-village – Manhattan Bubbleboys, Falafels and Bars
early morning arrival

a-choogle-royalsampler – Royal Sampler (with Hookah and Vaporizer)
http://flickr.com/photos/uncleweed/380353764/ &/or

a-postcard-remembrance-conditionsofeastside – (Meta)Physical Conditions of the Eastside
another alley from bus stop

a-urban-nightmarket – Asian Market Quest for Cabbage Pancakes
zen of okanomiyaki

b-choogle-gloria-test – Glorious Purple Kush Testing Session

b-olympic-flagevent –
Part 1 Duff Gibson, Superhero Gold Medal Skelton-thlete
Part 2 Crispin Lipscomb, Freestyle Snowboarding’s Peoples’ Champion

a-postcards-remembrance-waitinginbaghdad – Waiting and Resisting in Baghdad

a-urban-hemp-c – Hemp Soda Two Flavor Taste Test