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Podcast Editing Bonanza – Showpack Roster

OK sorting out the show roster to edit to give ’em titles for album art and descriptions and all that and help folks choose open or two they might wanna edit (or just to get folks excited about what’s coming up …

a-canucks-floorball – Swiss Invade Canada at BC Floorball Challenge – Features interviews with the sport’s Scandanavian ambassadors to Canada and some most excellent Swiss players (plus banter about Swiss culture) and some local Canadian upstarts – many files

a-choogle-happyvappy – The Happy Vappy Action Man – Interview with Ferd, the designer who makes the Happy Vappy from his workshop in the commercial district of Vancouver on a rainy Sunday discussing the whys and hows of his business and the benefits of vaporization – one file

a-choogle-japan-story – Japanese Mountain Satori-time – On a walk, Uncle Weed recounts and recollects spent in the mountains of Japan learing the old way of the culture by harvesting rice and mushrooms and learning about cannabis’ rich history in Japan in a town called Miasa, beautiful hemp.
steve of the mountains

a-choogle-london-camden – Space Cruise to Camden Town

a-choogle-london-hempforvictory – Hemp for Victory with Author Kenyon Gibson
Kenyon Gibson, Author

a-choogle-london-rainy-bridges – London’s Rainy Bridges, Prisons and Obelisk
http://flickr.com/photos/blindphotography/644373168/ (Victoria Potter)

a-choogle-london-westminister-wander – Insomniatic Musings on Royalty, War and Statuary
clock tower (home of Big Ben)

a-choogle-numbskulz-growup – The Numbskulz Grow Up (and Rock Out)

a-choogle-nyc-village – Manhattan Bubbleboys, Falafels and Bars
early morning arrival

a-choogle-royalsampler – Royal Sampler (with Hookah and Vaporizer)
http://flickr.com/photos/uncleweed/380353764/ &/or

a-postcard-remembrance-conditionsofeastside – (Meta)Physical Conditions of the Eastside
another alley from bus stop

a-urban-nightmarket – Asian Market Quest for Cabbage Pancakes
zen of okanomiyaki

b-choogle-gloria-test – Glorious Purple Kush Testing Session

b-olympic-flagevent –
Part 1 Duff Gibson, Superhero Gold Medal Skelton-thlete
Part 2 Crispin Lipscomb, Freestyle Snowboarding’s Peoples’ Champion

a-postcards-remembrance-waitinginbaghdad – Waiting and Resisting in Baghdad

a-urban-hemp-c – Hemp Soda Two Flavor Taste Test