Stoney Streets of San Jose with California Medicine ~ Choogle On! #41

After a pleasing smokedown of California medical marijuana, Uncle Weed wanders back to his luxury hotel – passing San Jose’s domed, modernist, fountain-laden City Hall – and rambling about New York City neighbourhoods, smells and pubcrawls plus grouses about stinky hotels, late flights, sleeplessness and democractic candidates while sneaking tokes as cops roll by in quiet Silicon Valley.

Stoney Streets of San Jose ~ Choogle On! #41
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Stoney Streets of San Jose - Choogle on Cannabis Podcast[album art by Bread the Producer, photo by UWon Flickr]

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Silverhawk – “Kalispell” (Sam Densmore and John C. Densmore) from Westward
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Unknown – “The Things You Can Think” (T. Geisel)

Clayton (the Seabus Busker) – “Tonight” (Ramones)

City Hall rotunda and Downtown skyline, November 12, 2005
by //ichael Patric|{