Roll Your Own Choogle on – Seeking Audio Storytellers/Editors

With my recent push to get the shows to the people, i’ve called upon a few amigos to bust out some editing from a semi-assembled show packs of audio recorded here and there. I do not like to micro-manage nor thwart anyone’s creativity but figured i’d best list a few guidelines and tips for making a show a real-authentic Choogle on experience – not for the timid to be sure!

To bribe competant folks i’ll offer up random crap from my box o’ prizes – tshirts, rolling papers, magazines – no big deal but i do what i can yo! What do ya want? A certificate? Sheesh.

Master of Podcast hi-jinks

Rule 1: Tell a story (keys: characters in transition, conscious conversation, sense of place, adventures into unknown where something will/might go wrong)

Rule 2: Remove the parts which don’t help the story move along (and the parts when i sound like a complete dumb-a$$)

Rule 3: Remove personal names and dates and other “meta” or time sensitive content unless critical to the story

Rule 4: Start with the intro theme, end with the outro theme, sprinkle segues and “narration” bits here and there to fit mood

Rule 5: Choose music which is thematically – topically, geographically or sonically – relevant to the story

Rule 6: Add in all ID3 tags (description, comment, title, year, artist etc. plus album art)

Rule 7: Party on! Spark one up, you’ve earned it.

Rule 8: Listen again – Are there excessively loud or quiet parts? Any audio hiccups with are distracting? Any boring bits? Tune-ups are encouraged.

Really, if you need advice, brainstorm feedback, opinion on which show needs done, what music works etc. holler at me via secret channels. And remembe, thousands of lucky bastards are listening up to your labours so make it dank.


Whatcha think?