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Ichiro: cards #5, 6, 7 “Oh! the places…” / 26.6

Ichiro: card, #5 “connecting generations” 26.6

Connecting generations, passing batons, bridging continents, looking good

(Ichiro cuddling in a baby blanket made for me in 1970 by my maternal great grandmother.)

Ichiro: card, #6 “branded hat” 26.6

<Branded> #io handmade hat, not available in stores {yet}

Ichiro: card, #7 "Oh! The places you’ll go {Can I come with you? Good!}" 26.6
Ichiro: card, #7 “Oh! The places you’ll go {Can I come with you? Good!}” 26.6


I (only) get 30 minutes visitation with him per day…

The hospital is doing a wonderful job but of course it’s all very strange…

I hold and kiss and talk for 29 1/2 minutes > Amazed with each little movement and gesture and noise and stretch…

So far, always zonked out when i’m there in the afternoon and seems so very happy and content.

Momma & baby might come home tomorrow? or maybe the next day, regardless, it’s the best 30 minutes ever… I can hardly wait to see him every time and then miss him so I make these little “trading cards” to remember these early days.

His face is constantly changing of course and i’m already getting confused about how many days since arrival (i keep track by which shirt i’m wearing)

Are you collecting a full set? #io

Ofuro bath at Tsuchida Cottage

Two notes:

1) The bath is the most sophisticated piece of equipment in our home… A click of a variety of button (there is more than one control panel for extra convenience) and you are transported to a temperature exactly of your choosing #42.

And yes, this is also a bath tub Time Machine which takes to various dispensations & destinations.

2) Very important to paint your toes to color coordinate with the bath tub and tile colours

Mementos: Pedicures, various

These days – what with the M.E.(cfs) and Fibro etc. – slowing me down, I find activities to get me out of the house which requires doing not much but sitting.

While pedicures may not seem like a medical therapy, and they’re certainly not, self-care is important part of my healing journey. Indeed, when feeling frustrated and early days of the illness, I made a list of things I can do which involves sitting down, but get me out of the house, and leave me with a feeling of satisfaction. These ideas include: making scrapbooks, watching matinée movies, sitting in parks under a tree, getting my beard professionally trimmed (rather than chopping at it myself), as well as enjoying pedicures.

As such, on all my healing journeys, I find pedicure places to massage and soothe my feet, trim up my nails, and leave with some colour to decorate. (Noting this predilection often elicits a strange response from the practitioners as painted toes aren’t as common for men as they are for women certainly, but I find this practice quite enjoyable nonetheless.)

In some cases, I paint my toes the colour of a local flag or other traditional local schemes (coconut trees, bamboo, waves…), otherwise I generally stick to shades of blue and green. For the record: Indonesia and Thailand definitely have the best pedicure practitioners (is that the proper term?), but I’m also eager to try pedicures in Vietnam as many manicurists in the USA, come from Vietnam.

In India especially, they thought my practice of painting toes was very strange, as such, i did myself (very poorly yet joyfully nonetheless). In Nepal, they were low on supplies but made do with some rugged polish which was moreorless impervious to removal. Once or twice, i enjoyed a pedicure whilst at sea.

I first started this practice at the advice of a remarkable lady who took me for a pedicure in Vancouver before going to Jamaica the first time at that time, I had Jamaican flags painted on my big toes (not sure i have a photo…). Sometimes i take photos of my toes, not all the time, here are some of mah big ole ugly feets. Sometimes i forget and just take snap of the old colour before replacing. No annotations since i don’t expect anyone will look or care, i mean really, its just photos of my feet – ewwww. Continue reading Mementos: Pedicures, various