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BC Floorball Tourney on HockeyNW’s Canucks Outsider podcast

In case you missed it, … a brand-shiny summer time Canucks Outsider podcast is up at HockeyNW.  This episode (#55) features my coverage of BC Floorball’s Challenge Tournament in West Vancouver a month or so ago.  Twas good fun watching the action as the Swiss crew thwacked the Canadians after a late night of drinking ;-).  International interviews with Swiss, Finns, Brits and Canucks.  Great sportsmanship and exciting action by veterans players and rookies alike.  It’s co-ed and cheap so check out the post for all the details.

Swiss Dominate BC Floorball Challenge – Canucks Outsider #55

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Photo of StewartThe Fossil” in action by Kris Krug (arted-up by Dave O)

Floorball Hockey funtimes in Vancouver

Just a quick note that i checked out Floorball Hockey last week and plan on going back for another go here soon.  It is user friendly hockey with short sticks and not much equipment required (shorts and tshirt).  Co-ed, all-ages, international and cheap.  Sounds like a beauty.

Here’s the lowdown and links.

Monday Night Floorball!!! – Starts Monday

Our popular Monday Night Floorball Sessions at the Roundhouse kick-off this coming Monday night.  All equipment will be provided so you can check out different sticks,  goalie gear and take part in a competitive game. It’s a great opportunity to try the sport if you’ve never seen it and get a really good workout. We look forward to welcoming our regular players back who will be only too willing to show you the ropes and get you started!

All that’s required is the $5 drop-in fee to the Roundhouse on arrival and normal gym kit. Greg Beaudin will be back, showing off his new moves learnt on his recent trip to Toronto and doubtless reliving the goal he scored in a league game there!

So it’s New Year, it’s Monday night, it’s time for Floorball. See you at 6pm!

Michael Lindgren and The Fossil
Flickr stream here.