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“Letters from Russia” discussion on “Write Now!” radio show – interview transcription

Audio at: “Letters from Russia” discussion on “Write Now!” radio show


DJ Snailmail:  Our guest tonight for “Write Now, The Art & Action of Letter writing” is a letter-writer of sorts and a storyteller Dave Olson out of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Dave, can you tell me about the two websites that I visited there? Can you talk about those two; I’m not sure, the podcast one and the other one?

Dave: Sure.  Well, I do a whole bunch of different writing and creative projects and uncleweed.net (note: now daveostory.com)  is my home for all my creative arts and crafts I make, whether it be my writing projects or academic projects, and then I do a bunch of podcasts.

I do a literary podcast called, Postcards from Gravelly Beach – you can subscribe to it in iTunes.  It’s just like a little audio show I make that I send out from time to time, that’s just me doing some reading in a variety of locations and mixing up with the music.

DJ Snailmail: It was very cool I actually listened to your London podcast last night.  Your podcast from London, that was very good.

Dave: Nice.  I have a little portable recorder and I do a lot of travelling.  So, I just go on long meandering strolls and love to find places where things were originally written.  I kind of put in a little context like I did on early morning Jack Kerouac scroll in San Francisco one time where I found places from San Francisco Blues specifically on location and in situ.  I love my arts and crafts.

DJ Snailmail:   What is Gravelly Beach? Continue reading “Letters from Russia” discussion on “Write Now!” radio show – interview transcription

Letters from Russia on “Write Now!” show – Santa Cruz Free Radio (2007)


Stamp your envelope for: Letters from Russia on Santa Cruz Free Radio (.mp3, 57:07, 26MB)


DJ Snailmail and DJ Anon discuss Letters from Russia with writer Dave Thorvald Olson on the “WriteNow! The Art & Action of Letterwriting” show, Dec. 2007 on Santa Cruz Free Radio – low-power unlicensed station – also streaming live.

Thanks to DJ Snailmail for invite and Bread the Producer for capture.



“Letters from Russia” to appear on “Write Now!” show on Santa Cruz Freak Radio

CountrysideReceived a lovely note from DJ Snailmail who creates a show (with her colleague DJ Anon) on Santa Cruz Free Radio called “WriteNow! The Art and Action of Letter-writing” expressing an interest in reading my Letters From Russia project.

In case you missed it … LFR (Letters from Russia (.pdf)- war & love epistletory discourse) is written as a series of 14 letters and a “declaration” ostensibly by a cobbler in Napoleon’s army in Russia 1812, to his lover in Paris. It evolved into multi-medium art project with a series of illustrations, paintings and papercraft all bundled in a handmade book of hemp and wood and twine.

Campsite from Letters From RussiaAnyhow, here’s more about the show – i’ll be on to talk about using letter writing a a literary device and the process i used and philosophical underpinnings and inspirations of the content.

“WriteNow! The Art and Action of Letter-writing.” The program explores the art, value and action of letter-writing, basically all aspects of letter- writing, specifically snailmail and handwritten letters. It’s on Tuesdays from 8-9pm on Free Radio Santa Cruz (101.1FM and streamed at Freakradio.org).

And i’m a sucker for civil disobedience, ergo:

In full disclosure, Free Radio Santa Cruz (FRSC) is a 100% volunteer collective and we do not make any money in this effort. FRSC has been on the air for over ten years without an FCC license. freakradio.org/about.html