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Noble and Legendary Typewriters: as evidenced at The Beat Museum

Noble and Legendary Typewriters, as evidenced at The Beat Museum, North Beach, San Francisco, Republic of California.


and I’ve seen the best minds of my generation
sequestered in cubicles
rained on at bus stops
shook down chained to chainlink
arrested as imbeciles
in front of trucks

snuck into basements calling pharmacies
bartering for satchels
complicated crafts to conceal the energy and guile
i’ve seen them lost in mountain valleys to finda wilderness with
payment box, vending machines and another inspection
for your protection

get found into
catacombs, from the pulpit he pontifys
a litany of assigned refinements
conceived to temper and curb

intellectualism is akin to unemployment
academia the enclave of those fundable or cynical
wait, stand, line-up and learn move along already
i’ve told you what’s wrong

doesn’t mean ‘free’ to roam
not the liberty to pursue