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To those who caught my gig at #islandtech, i enjoy hearing about which Hero Card you scored if any & what you learned (and/or created) #fsma

Wanna see the “slides” from Fuck Stats, Make Art at #islandtech? Here are analog slides: http://ow.ly/CUCb & extended mix: http://ow.ly/CUMJ

At #islandtech in Victoria – @kk just hit stage to follow @Kurt_cagle’s future speak

RT @kk: I’d double-check that old-timey suitcase if I were you!! @uncleweed http://yfrog.com/5s7q0j #islandtech {they seized my scissors!}

Note: image lost, but its around here somewhere… 

Indeed! @kk i wanna go on tour, spieling to youths at Thistles & community schools everywhere to pay the rent – old-timely suitcase is ready