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CMTY Building: Encouraging Passionate Users to Host HootUps

In a spontaneous spiel to colleagues, Dave shares the motivations and practical logistics for organizing Hootups – including sending swag packages and promotional support – and articulates the benefits for the organizer (notoriety and being part of something interesting) as well as resultant perks for the company including signups and culture artifacts like photos, tweets and happy users.

CMTY Building: Greetings to Irkutsk, Russia for 1st HootUp

A spontaneous greeting to Siberia to welcome HootSuite users to the first HootUp in Russia, hosted by Vitaly Merkulov of Menendev Agency in Irkutsk. Topics of fellowship include hockey, olympics, bears, vodka and cold. Also encouragement to help translate HootSuite.

Storytime for Marketing and Business Students at Capilano University – Roundup

HootUp Toronto at NxNE – Roundup