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Hunter S. Thompson shares his perspective of President Jimmy Carter

In 1974, the University of Georgia school of law hosted “Law Day.” Distinguished journalist/writer Hunter S. Thompson shares his perspective of President Jimmy Carter. The speech that Carter gave not only defended MLK, but also reached a much deeper level of thought among the attendees, including Thompson.

The other source of my understanding about what’s right and wrong in this society is from a friend of mine, a poet named Bob Dylan. After listening to his records about “The Ballad of Hattie Carol” and “Like a Rolling Stone” and “The Times, They Are a-Changing,” I’ve learned to appreciate the dynamism of change in a modern society.

I grew up as a landowner’s son. But I don’t think I ever realized the proper interrelationship between the landowner and those who worked on a farm until I heard Dylan’s record, “I Ain’t Gonna Work on Maggie’s Farm No More.” So I come here speaking to you today about your subject with a base for my information founded on Reinhold Niebuhr and Bob Dylan.

Hunter Thompson elaborates about Jimmy Carter on David Letterman

… Hunter S. Thompson elaborates on Carter, his famous speech and his alleged mean streak that put him on the same plane as Muhammad Ali and Sonny Barger (the godfather of The Hells Angels).

Author Hunter S. Thompson left a spirited voicemail for the AV company

Author Hunter S. Thompson left a spirited voicemail for the AV company that installed his home theater. This classic NSFW rant by America’s foremost provocateur was shared with me and audio specialist Jeremy Burkhardt by the AV company that HST called. —Margot Douaihy

It has been said that ”the true voice of [Hunter S.] Thompson is revealed to be that of American moralist … one who often makes himself ugly to expose the ugliness he sees around him.” That ugliness served its literary and journalistic purpose, no doubt. As for the purpose it served in his private life, in the realm of getting nitty-gritty, mundane things done, that’s a whole other question. Not much is known about this clip other than it features a NSFW voicemail that the gonzo journalist left for his local AV guy in Woody Creek, Colorado. The poor man….

Hunter S Thompson – Interview by Letterman (1987)

Hunter S Thompson – Interview by Letterman (1987)

Hunter Thompson’s routine…

P.S.  …and then there’s Hunter Thompson’s routine:

The daily schedules of the world's greatest geniuses

homage to Hunter S. Thompson (with notes + photos via John Biehler)

Me: Costume plans will likely result in changes in appearance lasting beyond festive period – gotta commit to make art-ish – mimic your heroes

Halloween at the Morgue

RT @johnbiehler ~ @uncleweed really gets into character..including shaving his head in homage to Hunter S. Thompson 

Halloween at the Morgue

Me: With festive night of costuming over, i’m now just a dude with some seriously weird looking male pattern baldness – was worth the funtimes

Halloween at the Morgue

Bonus with Miss 604

Halloween at the Morgue


Halloween was indeed epic at the Morgue – Thanks to host @cognesto + @johnbiehler @staciebee @miss604 @johnbollwitt + more for camaraderie

an uncleweed costume is a great idea @ColleenCoplick i could sell kits w/ goofy hat, obscure literature, well-used pipe & sensible shoes