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Preso Pitch to: European Beat Studies Network (re-: Cut-Ups 2023 / Items:Forgotten)

Hello EBSN from Okayama, Japan,

I write today in request to contribute to the Cut-Ups 2023 conference by discussing the process of making a cut-up series as a practical method.

I would present remotely (from a well lit studio) and am comfortable with public speaking and presentation (2 keynotes at SxSW conference, 1 TEDx, 4 Pecha Kucha talks) more details at https://daveostory.com/dave-olson-dossier/speaking-presenting/

Briefly: I propose to explore the full lifecycle of a project from transcribing notebooks while traveling, to using a cut-up process to develop something unique, until the end result which became visual poems (cut-ups glued to mostly hotel letterhead and other ephemera) which were then reproduced in various means and spread all over the world – both analog and digital – as a series called “Items: Forgotten”.

Note: I’m not entirely sure what else I can share about this proposal to make it more clear so please feel free to ask me with any questions and I will reply promptly and/or investigate the resources provided.



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Memento: Rod H. Ash, Grave + Poem, 2017

On my birthday August 16, 2017, I found myself in Provo, Utah sleeping in yet another bed in which someone died. 

I try to forget about the day and it’s entirety, fiddled with assembling chapbooks as gifts, stamping inky thumbprints on them and giving them to folks who i pretend were pleased, and reading poems by Richard Brautigan.

Then the potter Marty Kendall and I went to see the grave of our dear pal Rod Howard Ash who passed away shortly before at an untimely age. I brought him a poem on vintage hotel letterhead written when I heard about his death wow meandering seas between the Suez. Somewhere in Aqaba or Olympia. (note: inspired a cycle of the “Items: Forgotten” series called “Time Traveller“). 

This marker was a temporary one, apparently is changed now. I think about this kind man all the time, so much style so much cool. Ugh. 

Worth noting a few months before, during memorial day weekend, we threw a party called “creepers and chums” as a tribute to him and my mother who well, also died.

PS Later that night we went to see Rod’s best pal Mikael Lewis perform and he sang a song we wrote about yet another dead pal Foster