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Ichiro: card #9 “lounging @ 38 º” #bathtime / 28.6

Ichiro: card #9 “lounging at 38 º / bathtime, first night home” / 28.6

Ichiro Olson, card #9
lounging @ 38 º #bathtime / 28.6

preparing for mountain hot springs adventures. hold onto your towel lil dude!

Ichiro: coming home day / 28.6

Ichiro: with papa & great-grandmother’s blanket / 26.6

12:30: I go pick Momma & Ichi up at hospital in just a little bit / So… caught up the laundry, fresh linens and towels everywhere, lots of pillows, fresh air… Now a few dishes to wash and choose a soft and colorful outfit and go bring him home for forever. Totally love this kid and this gig. Continue reading Ichiro: coming home day / 28.6

Ichiro: card #8 “photo wall” / 26.6

Ichiro: card #8 “photo wall” / 26.6

Ichiro Olson, card #8
“photo wall” June 26, 2020


A nurse at the lovely clinic is a hobby photographer and does a great, constantly-updating photo collage board featuring all the new babies in a similar pose… What a great project! Anyway, I found our lil dude of course.


Annotations., re: Sun Clinic:

So much to say about this but in general, it’s absolutely fantastic… Like a small clinic/mini hospital just for birthing with 98% female staff/drs etc >> after the delivery room, they moved her into a private trad tatami room which is calm & comfy > the meals are all beautifully prepared, balanced and well plated > the staff are lovely and always whisking in to check on something or help with something > she’s getting various training on techniques as well as follow on services like massage.

Normal to stay for four or five days after the birth. They come home today or maybe tomorrow and while I want them here like yesterday, I’m so glad for the great care and recovery time.

One other note on this topic is that throughout the pregnancy we had monthly then biweekly then weekly visits all along with the 3-D model scans and there was mamas and papas classes for the first while and tell canceled because of the plague > Of course they are taking notable precautions at the clinic (which is why I’m only allowed 30 minutes a day but that’s an upgrade from nothing) > and everything is brilliantly clean yet doesn’t feel “clinical”

Ichiro: Telegrams, Faxes and Letters…

+ Telegrams, Faxes, Packages, Cards and Letters for Ichi-kun welcome +


Ichiro’s papa here…

1 million things to tell you and I’ll get to it all… but in brief: thank you for all your wonderful thoughts and words and sentiments from all channels.



Next: address for dispatches (PS always available at website and other locations) ~

Ichiro Olson
937-1 Tsuchida, Naka-ku
Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken
703-8217 Japan


Fondly, dvo #papaweed

Ichiro: pretty great week / 27.6

Pretty awesome week going on… Someway somehow amongst *all of the chaos* / Sometimes a little bit of light shines through, sometimes a lot 

Ichiro: card #4 “eyes of the world” / 26.6

Ichiro: card #4 "eyes of the world" / 26.6
Ichiro: card #4 “eyes of the world” / 26.6

Ichiro Olson, card #4
“eyes of the world” June 26 2020

… And then his eyes opened and all the secrets began to reveal themselves, one at a time, each with a whisper and a wish. PS Ichiro shares a birthday with the legendary lyrical poet Robert Hunter (quoted below).

Ichiro: card #3 “we got this” / 26.6

Ichiro: card #3 "we got this" / 26.6
Ichiro: card #3 “we got this” / 26.6

Ichiro Stanley Olson, card #3 “we got this” June 26 2020

Ichi-kun, I’ll be honest, i can barely take care of myself *but* without hesitation i know i can give you complete, unconditional love and unbridled affection – this will do (for starters at least). While i don’t know how to do “everything“ (note: my elementary school report cards attest that i “give a solid effort”), fortunately your sweet remarkable mother is somehow *awesome* at everything she does, so… i/we will just follow her lead and enjoy filling the days with art, music, nature & calm.

Ichiro: cards #5, 6, 7 “Oh! the places…” / 26.6

Ichiro: card, #5 “connecting generations” 26.6

Connecting generations, passing batons, bridging continents, looking good

(Ichiro cuddling in a baby blanket made for me in 1970 by my maternal great grandmother.)

Ichiro: card, #6 “branded hat” 26.6

<Branded> #io handmade hat, not available in stores {yet}

Ichiro: card, #7 "Oh! The places you’ll go {Can I come with you? Good!}" 26.6
Ichiro: card, #7 “Oh! The places you’ll go {Can I come with you? Good!}” 26.6


I (only) get 30 minutes visitation with him per day…

The hospital is doing a wonderful job but of course it’s all very strange…

I hold and kiss and talk for 29 1/2 minutes > Amazed with each little movement and gesture and noise and stretch…

So far, always zonked out when i’m there in the afternoon and seems so very happy and content.

Momma & baby might come home tomorrow? or maybe the next day, regardless, it’s the best 30 minutes ever… I can hardly wait to see him every time and then miss him so I make these little “trading cards” to remember these early days.

His face is constantly changing of course and i’m already getting confused about how many days since arrival (i keep track by which shirt i’m wearing)

Are you collecting a full set? #io

Ichiro: card #2 “endless goodness” / 25.6

Ichiro: card #2 “endless goodness” / 25.6

Ichiro Olson, card #2
“endless goodness” June 25 2020

From here on forward, you are top of the list, the main thing, the high priority – I get to support you, cheer for you, teach you, rescue you, learn from you.

All of it, all the time, everywhere, anywhere.  Let’s open all the doors.

Ichiro: new best friend, 24.6

Me and my new best friend:

* Ichiro Stanley Thorvald Olson

* born 6/23/2020 4:24pm

* 3064 grams

* He’s perfect, adorable and magical

* We are over the Moon

* Momma 藤田良子 Ryoko is a champion

PS I’m just home and miss him already. More snaps to come > thanks for all your kindness and support #Grateful