Ichiro: coming home day / 28.6

Ichiro: with papa & great-grandmother’s blanket / 26.6

12:30: I go pick Momma & Ichi up at hospital in just a little bit / So… caught up the laundry, fresh linens and towels everywhere, lots of pillows, fresh air… Now a few dishes to wash and choose a soft and colorful outfit and go bring him home for forever. Totally love this kid and this gig. Update: At the hospital and getting his “coming home” travel outfit ready. note traditional 7-point hemp leaf pattern on the outfit and the cute embroidery on the hat (by Ryoko)

he was sacked out and easy to change into his travel wear after a bit more momma milk goodness

the staff on duty (Sunday afternoon) came to send us on our way with all courtesy (yes i am the tall guy here #hilarious! :)).

riff: when we left, the staff on duty (sunday afternoon) came and gave us a send off with bows and photos, plus a special baby book (!), various certificates(!), a calligraphy poem(!!!) and a other gifts. Her tatami room was so cute too and Ichi’s lil futon bed had the fluffiest duvet. We paid about $4K and 80% of that comes back as i understand it. Either way, score! Grateful to have an awesome young female doctor who spoke english – her dad is the wizard who established the hospital – late 70s and still on the job and radiates goodness / oh they also gave me a pregnancy vocab cheat sheet)

Anyhow, drove home seeing the farmers plant rice in the flooded fields and finally he met his wonderful Grandfather – Otoosan is now Ojiichan…

…and sweet Okaasan gets an upgrade to Obaachan (she has loads of professional experience with kids – so helpful)

3 generations of Fujita family at the front door ready for everything (yes i am this lucky)

he then enjoyed his first bath, evidence to follow… 

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