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Tiger Year 2022: Flashback Musings in Present Moment

A meandering rundown from the kura barn about New Year routines, foods and rituals in Japan, plus usual gabba gabba about postcards, lucky numbers and postal obsessions… but this time featuring various hats and even more personal translucency, unnecessary archaeology, remarks about improving the campsite, being a good hubbo and papa, health situation, life admin tasks, blank sheets, re-caps of projects: poems, pods, vids, trips – and various anecdotes about wonderful pals, probably you ya beauty.

Very important annotations

Special hellos to friends in places where I left pieces of my heart – important for a rambling type with out that “regular hometown” vibe.

IDs Please! (keep that hair inside the line mister)

[compiled Aug 2022 from notes and incident Aug. 17 2022]

Had to redo my photos for “my number” card for various government services here in Japan because a couple strands of hair were outside the frame of the photo (blue version).

evidently, the hair was outside the boundaries too much for specifications

Good news is: got to rock the mighty mustache and a yellow shirt from India in the new one.

fortunately, this snap is within parameters and is now on one of my dozens of ID cards

Also: have inadvertently started on ID photo series for #Daveo60

Diary: Immigration office residence card + “life admin” update

Gone “outside the fence” > hitting up immigration office with FiL / hoping for 3 years zairyu/resident card extension in Okayama.


* 1 for safety
* 1 for sensitivity
* 1 for style

Update: 3 years success! (+ felt like 3 years waiting in non-AC, non-organized, non-clean, non-efficient, no lights-on w/ weird posters taped to the wall, yellowed Christmas decoration, nonsensical anti-drug propaganda, sweaty room) #Grateful #ButSeriously #Crowded #Smelly #Japan

Note: Hat was $5 in Kathmandu, shirt custom made (my design) in Chiang Mai, fancy specs discount in Vegas, trousers (not pictured) uniqlo

Next up: Japan Seeking “Official” Translator

Doing CDN citizenship paperwork for new baby Ichiro & need an “official translator” for birth certificate & family register for embassy / Requires notarization.

i.e. Seeking simplicity (i.e. someone *experienced* with the process & no hassles)