Diary: Immigration office residence card + “life admin” update

Gone “outside the fence” > hitting up immigration office with FiL / hoping for 3 years zairyu/resident card extension in Okayama.


* 1 for safety
* 1 for sensitivity
* 1 for style

Update: 3 years success! (+ felt like 3 years waiting in non-AC, non-organized, non-clean, non-efficient, no lights-on w/ weird posters taped to the wall, yellowed Christmas decoration, nonsensical anti-drug propaganda, sweaty room) #Grateful #ButSeriously #Crowded #Smelly #Japan

Note: Hat was $5 in Kathmandu, shirt custom made (my design) in Chiang Mai, fancy specs discount in Vegas, trousers (not pictured) uniqlo

Next up: Japan Seeking “Official” Translator

Doing CDN citizenship paperwork for new baby Ichiro & need an “official translator” for birth certificate & family register for embassy / Requires notarization.

i.e. Seeking simplicity (i.e. someone *experienced* with the process & no hassles)

Whatcha think?