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Post’d: Round-up of postcards to FPO, UAE, Adelaide, Burnaby… (various 2015-18)

Margareta, Adelaide, April 2018: Finally got here…! Thank you Dave! Hope you’re well!

Cathy, Vancouver, April 2015: I got mine!! Thank you hon 

Post'd: Marie, HK, 2018
Post arrived: Marie, HK, 2018
Post'd: Arrived, UAE
Post’d: Arrived, UAE
Post'd: Arrived, FPO, APO
Post’d: Arrived, FPO, APO

Post’d: Round-up of Letters sent/received, to/from Victoria, Vancouver, SLC…

Letter to Elizabeth
Letter to Elizabeth

Elizabeth: Sweet and kind holiday message arrived in time for Christmas!  Thank you Dave Olson !! Wishing you a new year full of 100% health and energy boosts. 

Letter to Cropper

Got a fantastic gift of art in the mail today. Thanks so very much, my brother from another mother. Dave miss you, wishing you only the best.

Card to Cheryl 2
Card to Cheryl 2

Handmade inky-stamped snail mail art with tea pic, correspondence and poetry amidst tropical fish stamps from far off land, with a precious golden panda sticker received today in delight and so appreciated, thank you Dave.

Card to Cheryl
Card to Cheryl
Postcard to Uganecs
Postcard to Uganecs

Correspondence received and much appreciated, thanks Dave
O, my favourite travelling poet.

Postcard to Meri
Postcard to Meri

Post’d: Dropping another load of postal treats to kind folks elsewhere…

Post offices are a happy places for me. I love to send cards and letters… If you want to get in on the fun, submit deets via the “postal club“ form (no guarantees  + discretion assured).

Most critical part of postcards / letters are: a proper address and a friend to write

Of course, the most critical part of postcards and letters are: a proper address to send it to, and a friend to write.
Also, I like to think about all the hands which touch the card as it makes the journey from my writing desk to a happy (I expect) recipient who peeks in their post box / letter slot and see something other than a utility bill or an bulk/junk mail from a real estate agent.

I also wonder how the “hand off“ in international mail works from one country to the next. Do the workers peek at the – almost illegible – scribble on my postcards? Do they wonder who wrote the missives and who the recipient is?
Do you think about these logistics & vagaries? Or is it just me?

Post’d: Always be posting…

Always be posting… That way, a few weeks later, you receive a note that you’ve made someone happy, even for a moment or two. Sometimes, they put on their refrigerator with a magnet, or in a scrapbook or in a shoebox.

Postal Still-life: from a bed in Ceylon

Sending treats into world – Postcard artifacts for therapy from bed whilst in fibro crash mode. Sick of illness ~ duh, however enjoy sending treats into world to perk up others.

Post’d: get on the postcard bus

“Get on the Postcard Bus” – another handcrafted batch of greeting cards, this cohort featuring snapshots of my former beloved VW bus dubbed “the earth ship”.
Photos were snapped with a Lomo Sardine Can camera (cork covered) with expired 35mm film during a “reunion” with the bus after over a decade during which old pals and I reacquainted ourselves with the noble beast thru stories and inebriants.
The steed is now retired, painted majestically in a complete mural featuring various Grateful Dead-inspired motifs – including Jerry Garcia and a dancing bear at the “wheel”, dancing skeletons, curious creatures and psychedelic meanderings throughout – as lives as a sauna(!) & wedding altar at the Mangy Moose Lodge up Big Cottonwood Canyon outside Salt Lake City, run by the funnest couple Honi and Day-Glo Dave. They even presented me with one of the old keys of this beloved vehicle which I keep with me in my travel wallet.
The batch of cards were water-coloured, inked with fountain pen, photos glued, tender sentiments written inside, and mailed to dear folks worldwide with affection.
Oh and some of these photos were taken by @twillomusic – thanks!

Post’d: Telegrams re-mixed for a un-modern, post-forgotten age

Postcard still-life - Telegram collage
Postcard still-life – Telegram collage
Telegrams re-mixed for a un-modern, post-forgotten age. Water coloured with paints from a dollar store > cryptic messages scribbled fountain pen > inky stamps applied appropriately > chopped with tiny scissors > glued > addressed > mailed to magic makers worldwide > digitized for your possible convenience, enjoyment and/or pleasure.


Pictograms: Notes to adventurers (mixed media + ephemera)

Pictogram: Letter Heather for India (outside)
Pictogram: Letter Heather for India (outside)

Various handmade “pictograms” from from watercolour notebook paper and various foreign postage stamps and inky stamps – mostly made in Newfoundland and Labrador, though some in Nova Scotia whilst i was rambling Maritime Canada seeking a home (which i did not find).

Post’d: Pictograms from Newfoundland and Labrador, July 2017

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Pictograms: Penang seascapes (watercolour)

Pictogram - Penang, seascape (1))
Pictogram – Penang, seascape (1)
Pictogram - Penang, seascape (2)
Pictogram – Penang, seascape (2)
Pictogram - Penang, seascape (3)
Pictogram – Penang, seascape (3)
Pictogram - Penang, seascape (4)
Pictogram – Penang, seascape (4)
Pictogram – Penang, seascape (5)
Pictogram Still-life: Penang, seascape (drying)
Pictogram Still-life: Penang, seascape (watercolours, drying)