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#daveo50 “Personal Archeology” project / 1970~2020 (variety cards & badges)

Personal Archeology Exhibit – #daveo50 Prescheduled Daily Ephemera 2020 6.26 ~ 8.16

See anything you recognize? SXSW, Gnomedex, Whitecaps, Book Expo, Rifflandia, various hospitals, Kinko’s, Northern Voice, Moosecamp, Mindcamp, WA ISP, Howe Sound Brewing, itec, Comdex… 

#daveo50 “Personal Archaeology” project rolls on… 50 days of artifacts, evidence, ephemera, stories, identification (fake and otherwise) and other oddities.

Consider perusing at your leisure > you will (likely) be amused

Artifacts from Mindcamp 2006: Things i Do Not Understand

I attended Mindcamp in 2006 held in an unused, eerily empty office building in the southern Seattle industrial lands. Folks geeked out on projects and played a game called Wolverine with great intensity. I did not understand the game nor much else.