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Takisakiyama Funicular ride (with monkeys!)

Take a (sped up) ride up Takisakiyama single track funicular train dealio in Oita, Japan (near Beppu Onsen in Kyushu) with monkeys frolicking on the tracks. Also, a painting (by me) of the funciular (or funiculaire if you prefer) in action.

At the end of the line are 2 troops of 100s of monkeys who run the mountain like crime lords but you only get 1 snap of a sweet mamma and kiddo.

funiculaire paintings in process (Quebec City and Japan)

Just put together for space cruise for my funicular loving pals with music snippets by Daniel Allen (aurora sect) and enhanced train noise samples from Sri Lanka to go along with the Japanese PA announcements.

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Scrapjournal: Japan, ship life / ephemera, artifacts (2017)

Scrapjournal: Japan via ship - front cover
Scrapjournal: Japan via ship – front cover

This scrapjournal is an “accordion-style” book (think that’s what you’d call it… though doesn’t create the dulcet tones of the musical instrument)  anyhow the paper unfolds in one long swath in vaguely Japanese-style.

Appropriately, the book is laden with artifacts collected in Japan whilst traveling by ship and stopping in a various ports of call from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Japan is the champion country for interesting paper-y bits so filling this one up with origami cranes to hot spring brochures postage stamps and oddments from the ship was ummm no problem, fulfilling and infinitely tactile.

What follows are a few sample pages, along with the covers, for archival amusement.

Scrapjournal: Japan via ship
Scrapjournal: Japan via ship

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Slow down dave, slow down

Slowdown Dave! Slowdown, seriously. #Healing #grateful

Monkeys run so fast you’ll never catch them, I am removing speed to that of a floating cloud of inspiration and/or a noble seaturtle.