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A Social Media Primer for Business via Currents by Jonathon Narvey

NOTE: (Somewhat snarky) article discussing social media, corporate access, accreditation and alternative media. Shared here for permanent record.

A Social Media Primer for Business | Currents by Jonathon Narvey

Political blog flogged in Best of 604 Awards

Political Pundit or just another geek?Awards ceremonies always stir up commotion and controversy – i thought the Stone Cutters controlled the outcome of all major awards (but i digress … ) – and Best of 604 is no different. With 2 days left of voting, the jockeying for the coveted spots is getting intense.

Noteworthy, Mr. Narvey’s blog Currents is nominated in the best political blog but some don’t think he deserves placement in the category because he covers a variety of topics beyond politics. For goodness sakes, look at him, he uses a Zune! Is he a true political pundit or just another tech geek?

For my part, i want more political coverage! See, most of my friends are lefty-head-in-the-clouds and these so-called “progressives” don’t give me the straight edge view that the (often dangerously reactionary) Narvey provides.

I’ve lived in Utah and seen how the deep conservatives operate, and Narvey isn’t *that* offside but … still he offers up the rightie punditry i require for expanding my mind. With William F. Buckley dead, someone has to carry the affable, true-con role.

So Narvey, if you say you are political blogger, then blog politics all the time, more, more! and get rid of the lightweight techie chatter.

No matter your feelings on this, be sure to Vote for your fave in the Best of 604.

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