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Heading to a Book Expo in the Big City (and fiddling with Shelfari)

For the day-job (shilling ecommerce software) I am heading to NYC (paraphrasing Stevie Wonder monologue from “Livin’ for the City” – “New York City, just like i imagined it, … skyscrapers and everythang”) for the world’s biggest book industry trade show. As a book enthusiast and a perennially aspiring writer, i am a wee bit excited despite the myriad tasks to accomplish to make the trip useful for my work.

book expo america

Every dang publisher large, small, micro, foreign, local, topical whatever will be there it seems and i kinda wish i was going there with a manuscript to hustle rather than as a working stiff but perhaps the observance the goings-on will remove some of the mystery shroud i keep holding up around the unholy alliance of commerce and art.

Just poking around the list of exhibitors and attendees, there a million little presses publishing literary works which i have never heard of – and they seem to be helping their writers to succeed. Is this possible or i am mental? Both are likely but regardless, I will plan to outreach and educate myself and perhaps pursue publishing my massive collection of this and thats once i know a little more how the game works – shoot i don’t even know how to get an ISBN because i don’t care, i just wanna write, but to do that i need to time and space resultant (crassly enough) from ugh … money.

Good news is, I sold three essay articles last year at (who hoo @ .20 cents a word) 2 were lead stories plus scoured up some mainsream media coverage about my podcast projects. And managed to get back rolling with writing freeverse which i lost my voice for a bit while writing expository works, case studies, business docs, press releases etc.

Next up, giving Letters from Russia (.pdf) an edit in preperation to pass around to get some distribution to the peace loving peeps of the world and then get back to work on my longer pieces which i draft, start, outline, think about, fiddle with, scribble on but never really bear down cause (admission following) i am always waiting for a 6 month sojourn in a quiet cabin with beverages, hot springs and bird signing – which may not happen for some time.

Anyhow, this books expo deal … the conference director Lance Festerman is blogging and they are even putting out a Book Expo podcast and started a BEA Shelfari group.

Gravelly Beach on Shelfari

You may know that I love my books and my bookshelf and use the both the arrangement and the contents as a motivational starting point. Shelfari allows group and community interaction based on the books you put upon your virtual shelf. The usability is very nice and brisk. I signed up a while back but did not do anything with it but now invite you to stop by and visit Gravelly Beach on Shelfari if’ ya wanna interact on books and such.

Vancouver Fireworks Pics as per Northern Voice spiel

With my semi-useful blurb in Scoble’s vidcast of KK’s Northern Voice photography schtick yesterday, thought i’d point you to my kick-a$$ fireworks pics in case you missed ’em. The shots are from three separate shows – the Chinese, Mexicans and Czechs. Be sure to stay tuned for this year’s performances which are now a go due to the largess of some corporation or other.

czech fireworks from cypress

Here are a few more faves to get you started … plenty more to enjoy. View the details to get the shutter speed and aperture settings.

Longboard Hockey Article in Heads Magazine

New article on Coast LongboardingsLongboard hockey league action in Heads magazine by me (Dave Thorvald Olson) and photos by Kris Krug (kriskrug.comstaticphotography.comflick.com/photos/kk/) – available as subscribe-able, ecological-responsible .pdf from Headsmagazine.com. Podcast coming soon on the Choogleon feed.

Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine

Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine
Originally uploaded by Uncleweed.

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Heads magazine‘s Skate/Surf issue included my “Headtrip” article “The First Rule of Longboard Hockey is …” about the renegade crew of longboard hockey players playing hardcore style in Vancouver. Heads is now available as .pdf (save the trees eh) loaded with rich media including my embedded video clips along with KK’s tasty snaps.
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Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine


Kris Krug took a pic of me at Northern Voice 2007

Northern Voice 2007
Originally uploaded by kk+.

Yep, that’s me getting all arts and crafty for my podcast production presentation at northern voice / moose camp. My amigo – the noted Vancouver fashion photographer Kris Krug (aka KK+) kicks down the deluxe photographs of yours truly indeed.

This one of me removing paintbrushes from a sushi roller whilst wearing my sunny day festivus gift scarf coupled with the JCPenny sweater (from The Dalles, Oregon) and used Patagonia organic cotton shirt (thanks Heather in Idaho) make this shot an instant classic ;-). Fashionista i am not, the ‘style’ just flows naturally and no i don’t spend a lot of time on my hair or beard grooming, it just looks that way.

Kruggers is also is a community building advocate a global-minded Vancouver blogger and flickr photo superhero whom i plan to bribe to take a family photo to replace to goofy one on my Pa’s wall.

D.O.A. and The Furies Rock Richards, Vancouver, Feb 10 2007

DOA and the Furies live in vancouver

Punk Rock Confidential presented by
JEM Gallery and Sudden Death Records

D.O.A. and The Furies @ Richard’s on Richards, Vancouver, BC, Sat. Feb. 10th


Vancouver’s first punk band, The Furies will play their first show in 30 years!

  • All ages show 3 PM-6 PM
  • Over 19 show 8 PM-2 AM

Canada’s most influential punk band D.O.A. is teaming up with The Furies, Vancouver’s legendary first punk band for two shows at Richard’s on Richards, 1036 Richards St. Vancouver, BC.

The event has been dubbed Punk Rock Confidential and features a blistering cast. The amazing D.O.A. will headline the festivities. They are led by Canada’s godfather of punk, Joe Shithead Keithley, with the help of the legendary Randy Rampage on bass and The Great Baldini on drums.

The Furies started putting on shows at the old Japanese Hall in the summer of ’77. These mind blowing gigs shocked the public as the posters boldly announced “Punk Rock”. Now, The Furies, led by the incredible Chris Arnett along with the help of original bassist Jonathan Werner, are back. These shows will be their first in 30 years.

Rebel Spell will also play. They’re a great new band from Vancouver. Further support will come from First Reign, a good hard drivin’ outfit from Abbotsford.

Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $18.00 at the door. Tickets available at Red Cat, Noize To Go, Zulu, Highlife, Scratch,Bone Rattle and JEM Gallery. Tickets at JEM Gallery have no surcharge and they take phone orders as well 604 879 5366, email; thejemgallery@yahoo.com

For more info, email; info@suddendeath.com
Phone: 604.777.6972
Fax: 604.777.6974


Punk Rock Confidential is also sponsored by; The Only, Red Cat Records
and R and B Brewery

Remembrance Day Activities in Vancouver 2006

From a recent Vancouver Parks Board Media Advisory, here are the locations of various Remembrance Day events going on around Vancouver.

White poppies for peaceI will be at one of the events (undecided but likely Stanley Park) with podcast-o-rator in hand to chronicle the event and wearing a white poppy for peace provided they arrive by post from the UK (Globe and Mail, CBC). Bear in mind, i respect this day as a somber occassion and in no way wish to diminish anyone’s hardship or beliefs, however, i sincerly believe the best way to honor dead soldiers sacrifices and grueling, unimaginable hardship is to avoid war and tyranny in all forms through conscious application of deliberate peace.

I am also planning up a special Postcards from Gravelly Beach podcast with a story about soldiers by a young fella i used to coach in in-line hockey, musing from Lt. Magnum’s blog, words from Thoreau and Gandhi and maybe Dalai Lama or Dhamapadha, my own Letters from Russia and a few snippets from some local media essays and perhaps a wee bit of Robbie Burns with a dram for the dead ones like last year. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyhow details (and thanks to Mr. Barefoot for again doing my research for me ;-0)…

The following Remembrance Day Ceremonies usually start 30 minutes before the 11 am moment of silence. Check local Legion Branches for further details.

Remembrance Day Ceremony November 11th at Memorial Park South Sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #16 at 11 am located at East 41st Avenue and Prince Albert Street.

Remembrance Day Ceremony November 11th at Grandview Park Cenotaph Sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion #179 at 11 am located at Commercial and Cotton Drives.

Remembrance Day Ceremony November 11th at Stanley Park Sponsored by the Japanese Canadian War Memorial Committee at 11 am at the Japanese Monument near the Stanley Park Pavilion.

Remembrance Day Ceremony November 11th at Victory Square Major representation by civic officials with music at 11 am at Cambie and Hastings Streets. Come view the recent restoration work at this lovely downtown park.

Painting in Goudy’s Parc Guell in Barcelona

Painting in Goudy’s Parc Guell in Barcelona
Originally uploaded by Uncleweed.

That post about Picasso got me looking through Europa trip photos. None of Pablo’s private museum (located in a grand old funky manor house in downtown Barcelona) but here’s this one of me painting at Gaudi’s Parc Guell right after visiting the Picasso museum.   Painting all loose and free d from constraints for replicating form , … No mad skills here, i just try to listen to my surroundings and not think about what i am doing while i am splattering paint onto surface.

Ears still ringing from the Tragic Hipness

Amigo Bread and I headed to the *exclusive* sold-out Tragically Hip show at the Commodore Ballroom on Granville St. downtown Vancouver last night.

This expansive 2nd floor venue is classic and fantastic – not “oversold” so you can actually move around and the crowd was thankfully mostly devoid of drunken yahoos with backwards baseball caps – well maybe not but too bad at all – decent music fans and plenty of hockey sweaters to be sure.

The Commodore boasts several vantage points to enjoy – balcony, couch lounge, bar stools, cocktail tables, private booths, and a famous floor – which is the best place to roast big doobie (which we did udring “Blow at High Dough”) and enjoy the fresh-ish air with no cigarettes (!) – both the lights (inventive but not overbearing) and the sound was outstanding (you could reallly tell the two guitars apart).

The band though, whoa dude, brung it – no longer upstart bar rockers – The Hip are now a squad of veteran rockers who seem to be realizing there enduring place in Canadian rock history and are working hard together to create quality music and offer a great experience to the attendees. “Ahead by a Century” was a high-light – the rather gentle tune really spread wings like a soaring falcon flying over the Tigris and Euphrates .

As an aside, the band seem like 5 very different guys that probably don’t hang out much off tour – that’s just my hunch – but know that the group snyergy and magic mojo just happen “all the time” so one must be grateful to find collaborators with chemistry.

Here’s a snapshot by Canadian Hobo – seems to be from the Monday night show but either way, the Downie’s shirt was uhhh sweaty – BTW, they sell his cool post-Maoist-style cap for $30 (gift idea for uncle weed!)

Tragically Hip tickets

The Hip are hip to amateur recording and such so extensive material abounds and the band release live tracks and other gems via TheHip.com plus have their own Flickr sets and encourage participation in a Hip Photo Group – more content from passionate bloggers is at Hip Fans and live shows are archived by fans at HipBase.

Bread shot some neat vid clips and snapped photos and me recorded some snippets of sound (“swim to daddy baby”) which may or may not be usable.

Either way, the evening’s progress from the New Amsterdam was documentented including reading from Gord’s poetry book, “Coke Machine Glow” – follow the Choogle on with Uncle Weed podcast feed (FeediTunesBlog) so ya don’t miss out.

By the way, is it usual for the two major (competitive) rock radio stations (CFOX, CFMI in this case) to co-produce/promote a concert together?  Curious.

The Castro will be Televised…

The Castro will be Televised…

Of course, I wasn’t the only one documenting the chaos in the Castro.  Here’s a video from “The Revolution Will Be Televised” blog.  Nice stuff by a young filmaker in SF named Josh Wolf who (as you might expect) has a Feedburner feed and is listed in iTunes

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Halloween in the Castro

Halloween Shooting Chaos in San Francisco’s Castro

More on this topic later but, … i was in San Fran and saw all this shooting craziness go down right f#$%ing in front of me including seeing the guy taking this picture (more at SF Chronicle). More to come on a Choogle on podcast episode. Gang inspired shooting into a crowded street, 9 shot, 1 trampled, no one killed, many police on motorcycles, much flesh and uhhh… creative costumes.

From SF Gate (via archive.org’s way back machine)


The shooting started when someone got hit by bottle / Alleged gang member started altercation, then victim’s pal opened fire, police say
A city firefighter assists a shooting victim, who was among 10 people hurt when the Halloween celebration in the Castro district took a violent turn. Photo by Jay Finneburgh, special to the Chronicle.

Note: Article shared here for posterity as no longer live online.

ba_castro_dsc0035 ba_castro_dsc0038 ba_castro_dsc0052

The Halloween shootings of nine people in the Castro — and the head injury to a woman during the ensuing chaos — began when a suspected gang member broke a bottle over the head of a reveler from another part of the city, whose friend then opened fire into the crowd on Market Street, San Francisco police said Wednesday.

No one has been arrested in connection with the 10:42 p.m. incident, in which nine rounds were fired into a densely packed crowd at an event policed by more than 600 officers and sheriff’s deputies.

Police say that although suspected gang members were involved, they have no proof the shootings were gang-related, and so the case is being investigated by the general work detail rather than the gang task force.

Authorities briefly detained someone seen running from the scene for questioning, but released him.

Police said Tuesday’s incident began with what Chief Heather Fong called a “stare-down” between about 15 members of a street gang based in the Sunnydale housing projects in Visitacion Valley and a similar-size group from the Lakeview area of the Ingleside district.

“Bad words were exchanged. One person hit somebody with the bottle — somebody in that group pulled out a firearm and started shooting,” Fong said.

Although nine people were shot, most were only grazed. Several of those hit were bystanders and had no connection to either group, investigators said.

Two people were hospitalized at San Francisco General Hospital, one of them a gunshot victim who was hit in the knee. The other person hospitalized — a 10th victim of the violence — was a woman who suffered a head injury when she fell or was trampled.

The shootings occurred on the 2200 block of Market Street, near the party’s main stage as well as one of the nine entrances to the Castro that police set up to screen partygoers for alcohol and weapons.

Sheriff Mike Hennessey, who led a contingent of 100 deputies, was about 30 feet from where the shots were fired and said he heard at least six in a matter of seconds.

“People screamed and ran toward me,” Hennessey said. “We were helping people hide behind Dumpsters, helping people calm down and leave.”

Fortunately, Hennessey said, “the panic was very short-lived.”

Harrison Brace, who saw the shootings from his third-floor apartment on Market Street, said the gunman appeared to be firing wildly.

“It took a second to sink in, then the crowd dove down,” Brace said. “They started knocking over barricades, and there was a lot of screaming. The police came very quickly.”

The shootings were by far the most serious incident in an event that authorities characterized as otherwise peaceful.

Two dozen people were arrested for being drunk in public, including one who allegedly resisted arrest.

Another man was arrested on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest.

Most of the estimated 100,000 people in the Castro were law-abiding and “mellow,” Hennessey said. The lines to get through the checkpoints extended for a block or more, but authorities found little that would indicate trouble would break out.

Deputies and police at the checkpoints “took away obvious weapons from people — spears, stakes, toy guns,” Hennessey said. “I don’t think we took away any real guns. . . . We also took walking canes, those types of things, anything you could swing and hit somebody and hurt him.”

Hennessey said the shootings happened just as officers and deputies were about to start dispersing partygoers under the city’s prearranged plan to shut down the event at 11 p.m.

“The big test would have been then, when everybody was going to be told to leave,” Hennessey said. “We don’t know how that would have worked.”

When the shots rang out, he said, “people ran. It was real easy to close off the event.”