Daily, i Ride the 15 Cambie

Here’s a photo of a photo of the Cambie bus on its first day of toil – the Inner Fairview route is a bit different now and the buses newer but worn.  Cambie Bus

I saw this on the rolling transit museum which included a video with narrative of riding the trolleys and buses in the 40s-50s around Vancouver and the inter-urban lines out to the ‘burbs (there is a movement to resurrect these lines).

I enjoyed the notion of someone taking the time to film their bus rides and preserve them for viewing now.  Makes me think i am not so crazy for filming Seabus voyages.

I also enjoyed the narrative comments about how the operators worked hard to improve seats and lighting to make the ride more pleasant – what an idea!  Encourage transit riding by making it comfy and clean.

Whatcha think?