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Temporary Lighthouses – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 1)

Temporary Lighthouses – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Temporary Lighthouses – Items: Forgotten in Drawers

Nebraska, Annotated


camp on reservoir beach
with a duke boy exit
no tacos
icy coffee
Post office with the angry lady
shoulda bought postcards
will make my own
instead, power adapter & salami
flat and wide
roll on by
fade away


Wildflower (for Foster)


Foster can you tell me
where you left the tapes
me on my first guitar
you riffing poetic escapes


We hit record in parent’s basement
our earnest, unflinching truth
unaware three years later
you’d cashed in on your youth


I’d go visit your gravesite
but i’d waste precious hour
you don’t belong in flat mown lawn
when you are a wildflower

don’t need to pour one out for you
or leave a fat one rolled
i’ll just light the signal fires
to make sure your story’s told


Im equally cynical
about magic, myths and cults
check your religion elsewhere
unless about happiness
but every once in a while
i’ll catch a shimmering eye
an elder mountain lady
or a wizened, grizzled father
I notice your mischievous gleam
seeking intelligence
and think reincarnation
might not be what we think
you didn’t come back a baby
a persian cat or sacred cow
instead we are added
to something bigger than ourselves
another log on a funeral pyre
sparks of you glint forever
illuminating something strange
like spores inoculating an old growth root
or lighting when there is no rai


smartest kid in high school
verified by federal agents
a useless accolade your discovered
and sought a slanting tangent


eschewed all the scholarships
bored by any constraints
split westward like we dreamed
and landed in the Haight


i ignored their useless platitudes
self serving, cliched and quaint
“was taken from us far too soon” they moan
when their missing your whole point


you didn’t mean to leave per se
but no one took you away
your charted your own course
regardless of consequenc


quick neighbourhood update
the horse kicked others besides you
found in gas station bathroom stalls
still and already turning blu


not sure what you were lacking
or seeking with your experiment
it’s not on me to judge my friend
only to share this brief lament

Locomotive – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 1)

Locomotive – Item: Forgotten in Drawers
Locomotive – Items: Forgotten in Drawers

Grey Suits

The chemtrails are on schedule
To continue toxic chaos they made
Fresh lies and sadness called
Keeping Mercury in retrograde

The Bilderbergers gather round
Get Bohemian Grove on the line
A conference call of the grey suits
Planning overthrows on time

Discussing boozy schemes
Catastrophes and disasters
Fabricate dictators to depose
Decide where to send the cheques

Patch in the Illuminati
From opulent bunkers in Havana
To decide the fates of diplomats
And operatives going where they wanna

Grand Moff Mason waits patiently
Perched on a fainting chesterfield
Practicing secret Mormon shakes
Browsing maps of secret pyramid revealed

I’ll swap your exceptionalism
For genocidal manifest destiny
You privateer’ed the assets
Under a shroud of security

Thief by any name is still a liar
When you shoot the rubber ammunitions
And rain down the murder drones
Not acting for humans, just greater attrition

Earthquake season coming up
Typhoons coming for all
Check the calendar to see the
Floods and pestilence scheduled for the fall

Details of faulty pipelines
Arteries of crude tar oil
Frakking seams to exploit
And how to split the spoils

The Rothchilds do the arithmetic
To calculate child labour to order
To keep Debeers in diamonds
And Nantucket engagements to quota

Wall Street hedgers fumble blindly
At another 3 martini lunch
Finding happiness in excess
Confusing hubris for a good hunch

Urgent update coming in right quick
From the industry reprogramming base
Another celebrity found dead
We don’t got the time to save face

Call it a suicide, heart attack or overdose
Give the Enquirer the pertinent deets
Comment on sexuality predilections
Just keep the distractions deep

Telegrams – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 1)

Telegrams – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Telegrams – Items: Forgotten in Drawers

Stumble, Hurry! Hurry! – January in Hotsprings

Stumble, Hurry, Hurry – January in Hotsprings
Stumble, Hurry, Hurry – January in Hotsprings



Hurry hurry! catch

Catch the trail

Muddy trails is

break break

Forest fires & foot prints

Before the crumbs are gone.

Train’d – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 1)

Train'd – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Train’d – Items: Forgotten in Drawers

Passports and Friends

More stamps in the passports
More poems to write
I know who my real friends are


Kobayashi Issa was the man who developed the 5-7-5 format but Japanese and English are very different languages – Japanese is syllabary and English uses diphthongs (great word) for starters. So i take the classic intent of haiku to heart in writing “not about the rainstorm, but about a single drop” — in other words, convey emotion briefly and succinctly, rather that dogmatically adhering to the 5-7-5 format which forces one to “shoehorn” in words or pries others out to fit.

so, and/or:

Ink stamps in passport
Friends offer shelter from fear
Poems come after rest


Swirling Years – January in Hotsprings

Swirling Years – January in Hotsprings
Swirling Years – January in Hotsprings


Swirling years of bliss

Something in an eye(s)

Tells all the stories