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All Day Walking in 1950’s Kitsilano (for Alice Munro)

All day walking
in 1950s Kitsilano
from my clapboard porch
i see the Lions

Leaving again
in starched shirt
battered hat
in absence, on snow

Streetcar ride
towards Dunsmuir
near the launderette
to the stop close by
the store on Georgia
where i work
– apparently expanding
beyond the brick facade


Baudelaire Considers Ships, Youth and Beauty – Postcard #32

Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Karapatiya, Red Wall

Continuing from the corner garden in the unnamed park, Dave reads from French symbolist (and hopeless romantic) Charles Baudelaire who continues with Joseph Conrad themes of ships, youth and beauty with a piece called “The Beautiful Ship” before gracefully giving way to a song by The Black Tories.

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Conrad’s Youthful Adventures from an Unnamed Park – Postcard #31

Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Colombo Red Green Tall Postbox

Dave reads from Joseph Conrad’s “Youth: A Narrative” from the community garden in the park with no name near Cambie-land, Vancouver and meanders on about riding trains, steamer ships, expansive seas and erstwhile adventures while immersed in foreign culture and ends with a bit of a seascape tune from an original piece called “The Ferry Changes Tack.”

Park yourself for:  Conrad’s Youthful Adventures from an Unnamed Park – Postcard #31 (.mp3, 17:04, 16MB)
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Sky-blue Trepidation

Sky blue trepidation
low as bricks
soft as flakes

My brother called
something about
quitting jobs
remembering jobs
remembering summertimes
building log houses
muggy days
broke by coral seas
sanddunes stretch
past the yellow cedars
jump again into sento
soaking hot
feeling low
straggling past
the circumstance

Sadie Superstar

Sadie often I told you
don’t break two laws at once
Sadie don’t wanna scold you
but i won’t bail you out
more than twice

You’ve been taking
candy from strangers
since you were a kid
now you’re craving
the impending danger
your habits bring

Sadie Superstar
I believe that you’ll be
even better
than any of us are

I’m not sure
how to explain
but your twinkle
and your poetics
make you sublime

Sulphur Pile

There are just a few things
that i know about the sulphur pile

first, is that i am not sure it is actually sulphur
second, the pile is not harmed by rain
next, the (assumed) sulphur is used for something
somehwere else
trains bring it here, ships take it somewhere beyond

and the pile never changes in size

glowing like Van Gogh’s pool table
under cafe lamps

Leaving Iceland

Thorvald sets sail
to follow his brother’s trail
unsure of expectations
but comfortable sure of direction

headed towards vinland
where scraelings abound
he’s windy and heady
and leaves nothing behind

Twenty Bill

Feel like a twenty bill
Stony drunk and built to spill
Out on the roadway
Like i feel

Got a few of bucks for gas
Spent the rest on grass
Roll it up to
Be more real

Stowed away on slow ships
Left behind on roadtrips
Trains lost somewhere
Seeking a meal

Haggard memories of embrace
My boots in your suitcase
Somehow always comes back
Back to your smile

Paint me up in Crayola hues
Aquamarine and patina blues
If i could be someone else
I’d choose Coeur du bois
Couer du bois, or you

Luminescence (remix)

the first flicker
of luminescence
soggy matches
and pouting lips

watched you wait
like my best friend
from third grade classroom
swingset memory

lakefront fireflies
proving too quick for jars
rocky beach and the
proverbial stars

you called me out
to a distant place
i couldn’t even recognize
that it’s my backyard


libra vox bravada
close in seeking treasure
the news box on pender proclaims
“zoo faces charges of cruelty to hippo”
just not something you read everyday

the buses bring touists,
flower hats blocking sidewalks
commuters struggle by
couching earnest glares

resisting urge to interfere
the nervous pleated pants, clip-on tie namebadge

busy time afoot
stained tile wallks
manage reflect sideways
amidst the grime

17th to 41st & Oak
a single coin is often,
indeed standardly,
exchanged for variations of
sustenence &/or convenience