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Character(s): Resistance Fighters (from location unknown)

Resistance Fighters: daveo disguised
Resistance Fighters
Resistance fighters narrowly escape their own subterfuge (w/ Kris Krüg) possibly somewhere near Flanders or Wallonia, circa 1942 (or Pasley Island, 2014)

Character: Lonely Lieutenant

A lonely lieutenant – possibly time-traveled from World War 1 – receives some bad news, and as such, hits the flask to alleviate the suffering for the time being at least.

Disguise: Eager Archeologist

An eager archeologist prepares to untangle mysteries of Mesopotamia.
note: 1988, Orem, Utah (as seen in Cory Demille’s high school yearbook)

Disguise: King Tut

 DNA studies and archeological research attempt to describe what the young – almost forgotten until discovery – Pharaoh of Egypt looks like. But here is a likely reasonable likeness, standing before you as noble and straight as possible. Along with a scale, illuminated model of what Howard Carter saw when he cracked the seal with Lord Carnarvon’s backing.
Prince Charles Elementary School Science Fair (1st place), 5th Grade (1981), Surrey. 
King Tut: daveo disguised

Portrait: Afro Dave (the night we burned it all)

Afro Dave: daveo disguised
Afro Dave
The night we burned “it” down. In this case “it” equals a bunch of stuff related to former company OlyWa.net… long story. 
Note: Solo cup at Fredrickson’s house, photo by… maybe Lance or Jay or…?

Disguise: Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner: daveo disguised
Hugh Hefner
I have stories which make Jimmy Buffett seem sober, Keith Richards cringe and Hugh Hefner blush… (well at least two of those are true) This is my homage to the crusty septgagrnarian and erstwhile Publisher and *cough “sexual liberator ?)”— I don’t look or read his magazine, nor say it’s name aloud, but I do admire his vast selection of smoking jackets. note: pipe, cravat/ascot, and hair/eyebrows to complete the masquerade.
Sidenote: this was the last time my face with cleanly shaven which I found to be rather uncomfortable.
Further sidenote: Kenny Trobman vastly upstaged me with his Ron Jeremy costume that year at the Eastside Club Tavern
Photo credit: Jen Boelts iirc

Portrait: as Beach Club Host (with brother Bob and drummers)

Beach Club Host: daveo disguised
Beach Club Host
As a tour host at Star Sand Private Beach Club on island of Guam. “Landlocked” by Andersen Air Force base and, as such, closed down after a terrorist incident you may have heard about in New York City.
Note: The pale one is Cmdr. “Magnum” – then entirely a civilian. 

Momento: Submarine Tour Guide (with group)

Submarine Tour Guide: daveo disguised
Submarine Tour Guide
Me as a Tour guide/narrator (in Japanese) aboard a half-submarine ship SS Neptune along some with the knuckleheads I worked with on Guam (US “colony”). More to say about this gig elsewhere.
Note: I’m the one on the far right with Tintin haircut 

Memento: Lobbyists + Politicians

Lobbyist + Politicians: daveo disguised
Lobbyist + Politicians
Renegade lobbyists! Are you surprised he let me this close to two different governors of Washington State? For the record: Locke and Gregoire. Where is the security detail anyway? Plus, I stole a pen each time. 
Note: same jacket and tie i kept on stand-by at office for this purpose.
With Jay Stewart x 2 (representing Zhonka), Kevin one time (tag along), Gary something one time (representing Washington Association of Internet Service Providers i think), and Asst AG Hunter Goodman another time, others i can’t recall.
Photo by Capitol staff photog.

Disguise: Concerned Zoologist

Concerned Zoologist: daveo disguised
Concerned Zoologist
A concerned zoologist does his best to nurture and protect the creatures under his care. The pith helmet shades him from the gleaming sun.
photo credit: someone at Hootsuite for a birthday photo