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Picnic with Columbo (Spain) / acrylic

Europa 2005

Picnic with Columbo (Barcelona, Spain)
12×16 acrylic on paper

House in Park Güell (Spain) / acrylic

Europa 2005

House in Park Güell (Spain)
12×16 acrylic

Building in Park Güell (Spain) / acrylic

Europa 2005

Building in Park Güell (Spain)
12×16 acrylic

Cove Near Almeria (Spain) / acrylic 

Europa 2005

Cove Near Almeria (Spain)
12×16 acrylic
started 2005, finished 2012

Salvador Dali – his home in Portlligat

The decoration of the house is surprising, extraordinary. Perhaps the most exact adjective would be: never-before-seen. I do not believe that there is anything like it, in this country or in any other…. Dalí’s house is completely unexpected…. It contains nothing more than memories, obsessions. The fixed ideas of its owners. There is nothing traditional, nor inherited, nor repeated, nor copied here. All is indecipherable personal mythology…. There are art works (by the painter), Russian things (of Mrs. Gala), stuffed animals, staircases of geological walls going up and down, books (strange for such people), the commonplace and the refined, etc.

Barcelona Alley (Spain) / pastel on paper

Europa 2005

Barcelona Alley
pastel and other media on paper
started 2005 / finished 2012

Riverside Tokes for Phelps on the Varley Trail ~ Choogle On! #78

Riverside Tokes for Phelps

On Lynn Valley’s Varley trail, Uncle Weed discourses on fascist sponsors and greedy PR hacks reacting to young Mr. Phelps’ situation, plus talk of value of art vs. artist and listener email about parenting advice, blind shopping cart incidents, and a situation with a Briton arrested and incarcerated in Japan plus a spiel on Group of Seven artist Frederick Varley.

Jump in the water for Riverside Tokes for Phelps on the Varley Trail – Choogle On #78 (.mp3, 30:14, 28MB)

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Atlantico – Freeverse cycle

Mona Atlantico

Si si si you’d say
and disappear through a door
me looking –
finding you alight
and aflitter
anxious to avoid your iodine stare
its not i that i try to please you – i just do
something always new

Interludes and anecdotes
from Florida or yesterdays’ shorelines.
you pull the blanket over
over your shoulder
in the aftermath
vanish into dreams of olives,
mountainsides &
Manzanita sunsets.

Yes indeed i’ve found you
and you are my Andalusian girl today,
Catalan girl tomorrow

Si si si you say
in another terrace cafe, another beer with another name
sure enough, you’ve met a new friend but are
always half of me

Tell me Mona
how did it make you feel?
That time in Esposende?
was it more than the night train ride into Coruna
all night blowing smoke from the only open window
from time to time
red wine with strangers

After sleepless days
and forgotten nights
sandy strolls, missed turns and just caught trains
April palms and cascading church bells,
crumbled castillos and fields of the cows

Inspired by your tenacity
stunned by the honesty
confused by the intensity,
Mostly thrilled by your smile from Malaga to Granada
through tunnels, over bridges
and crossing waterways from books

Santiago, April

Skin of bright olives, quizzical eyes
reflection flashing on a bike with bread
or books
cold on rocky step ledge
three spires fade into drizzly twilight
the bells ring again

Walking sticks clunking into a square
via sacred stairs
the bells ringing in discord
and grief

As the Galacian girls laugh
down a impossible alley
twisted with greens and orange
where Las Templars hunkered
hiding three sets of bones
through generations of darkness
now in a silver box of seashells.