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Mementos: The Wailers in Vancouver / drummer and drum case

As seen at The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, maybe 2014 or 15 or really i can’t recall. (note to self, figure it out man!)

Love and Freedom with The Wailers at Komasket ~ Choogle On! #96

Koolant, sitting in the Bob Marley hot seat singing with the legendary Wailers featuring “Family Man” Barret, speaks about the joy of singing reggae music for people around the world. He recounts growing up in Jamaica learning the music and mentions the beauty of the Komasket location and audience. Plus peaceful warrior troubadour Fred Penner sings about our right to be free and happy.

Musical interludes feature “Redemption Song” from The Wailer’s Saturday night performance and “Right to be Happy and Free” by Fred Penner from Sunday jam tent performance. Part 5 in a series from Komasket Music Festival.

Open your ears for Love and Freedom with The Wailers at Komasket ~ Choogle On! #96


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