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Tracks On Tracks – Artifact Roundup from the train

HootUp Toronto at NxNE – Roundup

Talking Hoot and Start-ups in Toronto with Techvibes

While on a biz trip to Toronto, I sat down for “5 Questions” with Karim Kanji of Techvibes at the EPIC restaurant (Epic is the name, not my description) at the Royal York Hotel. I manage to dispense some advice, offer props to iPadio (podcasting web app of Olympic Outsider), Sarah Prevette of Sprouter, and T.O. ex-pat Dave Delaney (dayjob= Griffin).

Go ahead and watch, it’s short and cheerful.

Bonus: Beers at the EPIC
beers at EPIC at Royal York in Toronto

5 Questions… with Dave Olson of Hootsuite.com @daveohoots

Created on March 29, 2010