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Geoff Berner at Biltmore annotations (whiskey, weed, accordion etc)

Wow the Biltmore is slick, many dude in cool hats and Geoff Berner is next to me looking like pavol demitra in a zoot suit

Geoff and the band are drinking as hard as the kids in the ‘wack – alas no nachos – funny banter too

Trio = accordion/vox + fiddle + percussionist (djembe • hi-hats) * crazy klezmer

Orders to waltz violently for “national line” he’s just back from Nfld Vancouver must represent

Whiskey rabbi is next song (might be whisky rabbi)

A story song about Jewish gangsters – oh good more whisky is coming !

Passing a bottle amongst the band hardcore

Drummer is drinking beer but Geoff is drinking neat whisky from a fancy glass

Afraid of being typecast as a guy who writes drinking songs, he wrote a weed song inspired by European tours – don’t put tobacco in it

Part of the song involves asking the audience to smoke him out later

Joey only and the outlaws on stage now rockin up the hi lonesome sound – gonna get Berner baked methinks – he seems curious

Left Geoff wrecked with wake n bake nug – came home with cd & show recording – now waiting for bus at broadway and main … Feel a song …

Bonus: (rough/raw audio of “No Tobacco” (really terrible but hey…)

Drunken Japanese Petenque Storytime – Choogle On! #64

Drunken Japanese Petenque Storytime – Choogle on #64
Drunken Japanese Petenque Storytime – Choogle on #64

Wandering the streets of Austin with old pal Yaki Niku, Uncle Weed recounts a strange international steel ball tossing tournament in a remote Japanese village known for radioactive hot springs. The multi-national, dignitaries, dubbed the Genki Monkeys, represented eagerly through much drunkeness at the hands of mayor and his cohorts, followed by Born to be Wild karaoke and outdoor hot spring soaking riverside.

Followed by an early morning breakfast of raw eggs, a hungover beat down by of old folks with tape measures, and a long afternoon of waiting around in the valley in discomfort due to a queasy formal dinner and an endless tour of world liquors. 

Stumble along for Drunken Japanese Petenque Storytime – Choogle on #64 (.mp3, 22:21, 18MB)

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