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Sensei Larry’s Wisdom – Postcard #80

Sensei Larry’s Wisdom

Upon turning 70 years old, Dave’s dear sensei (since a teenage Utah community college stint), Larry Harper (among various monikers) curated 70 items of advice (at request of Annie Dandelion).

As such, between licks by Grateful Dead and master potter Marty Kendall, he riffs the list – ranging from practical to mystical to almost comical, many including nudity and space. Oh, also includes his ethereal autoharp songs (rescued from a ca. 1991 Zzyxz Rd cassette).

Gather some wisdom with:  Sensei Larry’s Wisdom – Postcard #80
(45MB, 32:59, 192k mp3)

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…thinking of places that act like portals of creative energy. …

So, I was thinking of places that act like portals of creative energy. Paris @ the early 20th century. New York in the 30’s. SF in the late 40’s early 50’s… Whats? and Ifs? when you go to The Purple Thistle you are driving the bus even though you may never live to see all the destinations. Just sayin’.

p.s. I don’t believe in magic, just buses.

Danie Peace