Cowboy Bandit Renegade Storytime at Komasket ~ Choogle On! #95

Renegade musician Ken Giles recounts stories about backwoods huckleberry pancakes and picking with the Beaver Bottom Boys with Uncle Weed backstage at Komasket Music Festival near Vernon, BC. He also tells about hijinks ensuing when moose hunting en route to recording sessions, hijinks with Merry Pransters and Hunter Thompson, and the importance of living a life worthy of original songs.

Musical interlude by Wolf Child and the Cowboy Bandits recorded Sunday. Part 4 in a series from Komasket Music Festival.

Flip your pancakes for Renegade Storytime with The Cowboy Bandit – Choogle On #95


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WolfChild and the Cowboy Bandits, is a Smithers BC band, we have been playing local regional gigs for four years. Rockin Blues dance music, and also some great love songs, saxaphone harminica, slide guitar, we get you up on the floor and sometimes tables dancing, we have played festivals, pubs, weddings, benifets, legions, private parties, We are currently recording our first cd @ Chesslatta Records in Prince George BC and will release it in June this year!!! We are grateful to our fans and friends for thier awsome support, We have recieved a grant from the Smithers Arts Council and waiting for one from the Canada Arts Council. !!! So send us some positive vibes so we get this grant

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Album art photos from Komasket Music Fest Flickr photosets by ScalesMariska and sumitrarose

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