Drunken Rock Night in Oly – Choogle On! #28

Drunken Rock Night in Oly – Choogle on! #28
Drunken Rock Night in Oly – Choogle on! #28

Uncle Weed busts out clips from the vault featuring a stumbling rock and roll night in Olympia just after April 20th along with unreligion “indifferentialism” rant and Stew Millionaire out of control. 

Download Choogle On! with Uncle Weed #28 (21:24, 19MB, .mp3)

Starting out from Ben the mad activist’s house, Uncle Weed spiels forth about praying in baseball and recent article publication in Heads magazine (Zen Rambling in Japan in the Travel Issue, Vol. 6, Issue 4) before finding mayhem at the Eastside with drunken lamenting Stew and open mic night – finally he hooks up with Clubside Breakfast Time Cosmo for a Black Bettie show and T-shirt quest for the Unmajestic. Plus incidental music by busker Clayton on the Seabus.


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