Field Trip to Herby’s Garden with Dopefiend – Choogle #57

Part One of the Tokes on the DopecastField Trip to Herby’s Secret Garden in Special Service for featuring Uncle Weed and Dopefiend on a North Vancouver stroll and a visit to Herby’s secret garden with candid anecdotes about growing and selling cannabis in Canada and myriad marijuana inspired hi-jinks.

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Choogle on to herby's

Music by:
Phat Sidy Smokehouse, Seattle, WA, 1996
Misery Whip, Olympia, WA, 2007
Panama Red, New Riders of the Purple Sage (live) 2006-04-08
Tommy Chong, Forced in Prison Christmas Blues, 2006

Field recordings by:
DT Olson
Parade of Lost Souls, Oct. 31st 2007, Vancouver, BC
St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March 17th 2007, Vancouver, BC
Cambie Pub with “Poutine Lady,” 2006, Vancouver, BC

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