Taos Hi-Jacking Incident from snowy Mayne Island – Choogle On #74

morning after the van incident

From a snowy Gulf island, Uncle Weed recounts an incident from a lost summer involving a hi-jacked VW bus and a surreal evening of trout, tribal chants, involuntary confinement, gun shots, and rabbit stew. Musical Interlude by Wm. Lenker of Steamboat Island via Pennsyl-tucky & Levon Helm.

Gonna be a long night: Taos Hi-Jacking Incident ~ from snowy Mayne Island – Choogle on #74 (.mp3, 36MB, 38:54)

Evidence of the lost summer @ Arches Ntl. Park
photo by co-conspirator Sooby Ahmed

Levon Helm – Dirt Farmer Music, Home of the Midnight Ramble, Woodstock, NY


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