Black Ice Issue #27 — Griffith Way Gladiators

Did Alex Burrows leave his feet? Was that a hit from behind by Ryan Kesler? Will Rob Davison’s hit be featured on Don Cherry’s next Rock ’em, Sock ’em release? The answer to all three questions is a resounding Yes. Is this affirmation the impetus for Tuesday nights 3-1 victory over Nashville? Affirmative.

Is Mats Sundin ever going to make up his mind?
Jesus I don’t know. But if ever there was an argument for grit + determination = wins, this game was a candidate for logical propositions 101. If Sundin is a fan of winning with the Canadian game (with a detour through 70’s era Philadelphia) the Canadian way, then the Vancouver squad that showed up against the Predators is the best candidate for the hulking Swede.
The fact that there were some questionable hits, to this degree, is moot. The league will not look into it any further and the Preds will have to seek vindication during their next meeting (which happens January 1st, well after Sundin makes his decision). What was important, and I have been railing on this all season, was the team game. Kesler and Burrows are not dirty players, but they play the game on the edge and it’s inevitable that a foot is gonna slip every once and a while. The footage speaks for itself. The points, if there is one besides the 35 that now situates itself under the PTS column in the standings, is the stronger, grittier paradigm originally envisioned by Gilles seems to have found it’s stride. This makes a potentially boring road game, versus a non-divisional team, very exciting to watch and two points well deserved. This makes Canucks fans very happy. It also makes Vancouver appear to the be front-runner — if you include cap-space issues — in the Sundin Sweepstakes.
Okay, is that too much credit too soon. Deserved? The Canucks power-play could use an official name change — leading candidate would have to be: flaccid-play — due to seven uninterrupted minutes of man-advantage time squandered. If Alex Edler had not finally chomped at the bit in the third, with a PP marker to put the Nucks up one, the game would have/could have been lost. So again, the Canucks escape unscathed with a paltry attempt at special teams (special teams, more like special “olympic” teams). I digress.
The purpose of the Mats Sundin signing is to turn a pretender into a contender. Let’s face it folks, what we got ain’t enough. But if I’m a scrawny loser, then how do I seduce the buxom 36-24-36 into my bed? Show her my record collection? Convince her my GPA is high enough for Law School considerations? Is this a love or money question? Or a love of money question? Does Sundin want a team with loads of upside (Coach Vee’s favorite word), but still needs a babe on his arm to walk into the dance with? Or is he a superficial bitch looking to lift the silver chalice of Lord Stanley, forsaking mammon to get there?
At this point, the Canucks have a great record collection and they are smart enough for Law School consideration, all they need is a little direction and acquisition of that elusive trait known as identity. Will this come from a woman or will it come from within?
Next Up — Edmonton

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