Black Ice Issue #7 — Buffalo Wrings Vancouver’s Neck

What an absolute joke of a fourteen minute span. There were the Canucks playing merry-go-round with the penalty box. There was Curtis Sanford doing his best impression of a colander. There — once again — was the third-line pretending it was the first line and the first line pretending the puck was an undetonated landmine.

There you have another road loss to an Eastern Conference team.
The common sentiment among fans is that the season is early. A fair assessment. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that there are still some questionable gaps in the team. Power-play was shit. Penalty kill was worse. Discipline was non-existent.

The gaps were not merely questionable, they were glaring.For those of us long-serving plebeian of fan-dom, it looks to be another long, arduous season.

Next Up –Chicago

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