Crazy Canucks Game 7 say Be Joyful!

While i was live vid-blogging the stunning, one-for-the-ages game seven last night (still grinning), my Crazy Canucks cohorts rocked out a variety pack of festive reaction and chronicled the mayhem which spread across the GVRD and spiraled to flar flung lands from China to Denmark and beyond …

Here’s the teaser, now go grab the show if you don’t already have it in your ears.

It was a nervous first round, but the Canucks pulled it off in game seven to win the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Dallas Stars. Rebecca (Miss 604) and John (Radio Zoom)lead off this episode, stepping on their balcony to capture the atmosphere of the downtown celebration going on in Vancouver. After that, Alanah (Canucks and Beyond) phones J.J. (JJ’s Canucks Hockey) just a few minutes after he left GM Place where he had tickets for this amazing game seven. He has some great reports of the atmosphere from inside and outside of the garage, and hopefully you can make out what he’s saying from all the noise of celebrating fans in the background.

TCC#32 – Taking Dallas down in the first round

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Can you guess which Crazy Canucks these are?


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