Crazy Canucks podcast featured by the Canucks

After years of kajolling and kiniving, the Crazy Canucks podcast – which i brew up with a rag-tag group of ace bloggers and podcasters Radio John, Miss 604, Alanah, J.J. – are getting some love from the Canucks thanks to the Anton Sledgehammer Creative (the Ultimate Canucks search guys). Last season, we did remotes from the concourse at the open practice and will be lounging with them in a suite for a pre-season game next week.

Co-Crazy Canuck, Miss 604 has a beefy post up with the deets – New Canucks FanZone Celebrates Bloggers, Podcasters so i’ll just point you to the Crazy Canucks on the Canucks “fan zone” and slap up some self-referential screenshots of myself and old-timey dave‘s hat for posterity.

meet the montage
photoshopped 5 of us, JJ isn’t really that HUGE! ps nice hat head dave

fan frenzy
“I heartily endorse this giant card of mystery,” Dave Olson

mini profile of the crazies
you got to click a disclaimer to see the website – it’s that dangerous

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