Kickin’ off the Choogle On Podcast Bonanza

I’ve heard the voice of the people and aye, ’tis a powerful thing. You want the Choogle. I often get hung up on trying to make them *even better* with extra tasty tidbits and i somehow get hung up on the chronological order in whihc i recorded shows thinking that somehow this construct matters to the noble, patient listener. Well considering i have dozens of hours of footage from the recent three-coast long strange trip, i am firing ’em out at my convenience and shooting for a massive batch of the Choogle On! with Uncle Weed [FeediTunesBlog] shows rolling out – warts and all perhaps but you don’t seem to mind too much ;-).

Picaddilly Circus London

Starting it off is the brand-new episode Joints on Brighton Beach – Choogle on #38 with my amigos The Dopefiend and Max Freakout . Topics include weed, politics, revolution, day-trips, trips, and more joints and has a wee of tasty music to commemorate the first all-new episode in some time – Lazarus by The Black Tories and a snippet of Rocket Man from Clayton the Seabus busker.

Scenes of Brighton UK

Look forward to a few late night wanders around London, a visit with Hemp Ed, another chat with the Numbskulz, an interview with the authour of Hemp For Victory, a vaporizer test, a hookah session, late night wander seeking the heart of San Jose, rooftop tokeout in NYC’s West Greenwich Village and observing a band in a bubble in the Meatpacking District. Plus some rather random personal journals and trip comments along the way. Gonna post it anyhow.

Atlantic Seacoast in Brighton

Oh yeah, tons of new stuff from Heads e-magazine shirts, flags and the like. Tell me why you deserve free stuff via choogleon (insert @ here) @uncleweed (dot) net.

Do try to stay up now.

One thought on “Kickin’ off the Choogle On Podcast Bonanza”

  1. Hey Dave, I wish we’d known you were going to UK, we have a friend of the ‘skulz in brighton who has a great band called the Milk & Honey Band. We’ve been writing back and forth for about a year now. His band is the first band signed to the Ape Label, the brainchild of Andy partridge of XTC. Anyway, he woulda been a great interview, and has great music. Here’s a link to their myspace page.

    Jon & the Numbskulz