Bacon, Biscuits and Hemp Ed – Choogle On! #39

Choogle on with Uncle weed podcast

(photo by Eve Lentz from Practical Guide to Cannabis)

Whilst visiting mentor/amigo Hemp Ed in Pe Ell, Washington, Uncle Weed chats about cellulose fuel conversion, logging industry, tasty eggs from hemp seed fed chickens laden with omega 3s fatty acids plus Willie Nelson’s peaceful bio-diesel revolution, Ed’s Alaskan logging hi-jinks, Finnish saunas and Hemp Express Van flashbacks. Visit (be sure to download the “Practical Guide to Cannabis” .pdf) and Ed’s HempLobby Chronicles blog. 

Download Bacon, Biscuits and Hemp Ed ~ Choogle On! #39 (.mp3, 37.5MB, 27:18)

Music: ‘Bio’ Willie Nelson [BioWillie Fuels] “A Peaceful Solution” (origin unknown) The Numbskulz “Roadtrip (instrumental)” (hear Numbskulz on Choogle on #26 and #19 – a third episode “Numbskulz Grow Up” coming soon)

The Hemp Ed van on an Cascadian Adventure.


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