Dopefiend Forums now Choogle-fied

Zandor of the Grow Report along with Dopefiend and the tribe over at are barn raising a big, shmancy forum at the Grow Report for the cult-like fanbase to unite in conversation around the world. They set up me up with my own big tent for the Chooglers to hang out in.

Still life with weed In case you haven’t noticed, the Dopefiend Network are rolling out the podcast goodness like a veritable indie-BBC with an international mix of top-notch shows from the op-ed, news-i-fied Dopecast, giggle-fied Queer Ninja, the psyched-pundit Max Freakout, your instant barstool buddy Lefty plus the aforementioned Zandor’s Grow Report (key for med growers) plus Black Bettie’s show on the way.

‘Tis fantastic to see Dopefiend’s earnest vibes people catalyze the chatting and interacting – his shows allows a sterling means of expression for many enthusiastic stoners and i am glad to be along for the ride.

So you’d best choogle on by and offer your opinions on whatever you got to spiel on.