Another Choogle out the Door – This one with Vaporizers

Condition Green! High likelihood of vaporization in Choogle on #43 Happy Sunday with the Vappy Man – Choogle on #43 featuring a visit to Happy Vappy’s designer and entrepreneur Ferdinand at his workshop in commercial East Vancouver to discuss reasons for using a herbal vaporizer for enjoy ganja as well as his inspiration for his business, new improvements to the Happy Vappy, why the Vappy is handy for medical patients, what’s up with convection and temperature control plus useful Vaporizer use and maintenance tips.

Choogle on with Uncle Weed - Happy Sunday with the Vappy Man


The medicinal qualities of herbs can be released without burning. This means that you can avoid the carcinogenic tars and noxious gases found in smoke. Using patent pending Tempest Core Technology, HappyVappy brings your herb to optimal vaporization temperature, providing you with all the positive effect of herbal therapy, without the negative effects of smoking.

HappyVappy uses less herb than traditional means of consumption. You get bigger breath for your buck as it’s not going up in smoke.

HappyVappy has streamlined styling, a simple interface and fits into your lifestyle. Because it’s a vaporizer, it’s also virtually odorless.

It reaches operating temperature in 3 minutes, with no bag or dome to fill. HappyVappy is designed to stay at optimal temperature, so you don’t have to worry about dials or overheating or anything other than kicking back and relaxing.