Another Vancouver Weekend Recap

  • picnic with blueberries and cake at Edgemont music in the streets
  • got a library card (North Van Libraries are still open) and borrowed some films (documentaries on Napoleonic wars and King Tutankhamen tomb discovery plus Leonard Cohen “I’m your Man,” something else i forget)
  • Caribbean fest (corn on cob, ribs, iced coffee, hot coffee)
  • Canadian fireworks for Celebration of Light along with Choogle’rs form Colorado and Ianiv from the newly-more-funded Now Public – watched from Dundarave, ate picnic and played disc on well-manicured West Van park lawn
  • podcast editing (new Choogleon up (Happy Vappy) plus 4 more almost-ready-to-go
  • updated podcast queue page and uploaded album art rough drafts for editing plus made some album art
  • Flickr posting (Canadian fireworks set)
  • commented in support of Miss 604’s (very successful) blogathon
  • assembled an art table (bought screws from dollar store) for my studio room
  • rehung a Van Gogh print with a pool table in a cafe – hung so is in the rays of a translucent skylight (sigh)
  • tokes on the porch/park/etc. (sweet tooth, purple kush, durban poison)
  • played wiffle ball (the boy kicked my butt (again))
  • hung hemp twine line with clothespins for the outline sheets for novel project (working title: elsewhere)
  • bought screws to assemble my custom maple bookcase (home to massive, qulaity literature library)
  • saw simpsons movie too (a tearjerker, sniff, sniff)

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