Purple Kush testing episode reaches new err … highs

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I usually have little problem spieling on about cannabis or whatever related topic – even while taking a walk or on the seabus and shockingly, i am almost always coherent. Well, in the Purple Kush testing episode, i break my loquacious tradition and stumble along in a debilitated state of speechlessness after joints, vaporizers and hookahs of my beloved homegrown bud.

This almost went into the “lost tapes” pile but Queer Ninja’s adamant request encouraged me to dig it out and dust it off.

Glorious Purple Kush Testing Sessions Choogle on #49

Cousin Herb joins me for two testing sessions (one early in the cure and one later when the bud is perfect) and the second features me drooling on about a recent dentist visit and the struggle to toke with a frozen mouth along with some anecdotes about my horrible job hanging the Christmas lights.

While this one may not make it on the “Greatest Hits” album, you may love it and feel the cold Canadian winter being warmed with the finest herb.

Next up posting Thursday 4:20 PST as Dopefiend and I roast out on my porch, entitled Interrogating a Russian Over Drinks” – not too weedy but I do ask “everything you ever wanted to ask a Russian but were afraid to ask.”

… and in episode #51 is the long awaited Hemp for Victory interview with authour Kenyon Gibson – i wanted to make sure to collect lots of relevant links and notes to give this amazing book the attention it deserves.

Meanwhile be sure to check out Kenyon’s blog “Hemp for Victory” for news and opinions on hemp in the UK and around the world.

Whatcha think?