Wellness at Canada Place – Urban Vancouver #1

Urban Vancouver Wellness at Canada Place - jorg olif

Host Dave Thorvald Olson discusses innovative products and noteworthy entrepreneurial endeavours with exhibitors, plus makes observations on consumer attitudes, economics and public policy at the Wellness Show at Vancouver’s Canada Place on February 4th, 2006.

Listen Up: Wellness at Canada Place – Urban Vancouver #1 (20:56, 20MB, .mp3)

Interviews include:

Rob of Jorg and Olif bikes – importers, improvers and merchants of classic, Nethelander-style, steel bikes complete with flower basket and smooth style

Charles of Living Harvest – an emerging company producing and distributing protein-rich products from Canadian grown hemp seed cake and who have big plans for worldwide distribution.

Kristian of Level Ground Trading – a coffee importer forming relationships with farmers in impoverished areas to aid in social development while growing tasty, organic beans to distribute from their base on Vancouver Island.

Mike of Manitoba Harvest – a pioneering hemp company who feature a “seed to shelf” process to ensure top quality for the ‘power foods’ they export to the USA now that the DEA ban is history.

Plus observations on the Omega Harvest Hydroponic Rotary Garden, phyto-plankton, Emu oil, plus commercial hemp history in Canada and the DEA vs HIA US court challenge.

Bonus – Gallery of Bikes

I love these burly, utilitarian bikes – Buy one if: a) you are hip; b) have some bread; c) wish you lived in Amsterdam.  I once saw a photo project online of snapshots of local Nederlanders rolling their iron sleds with all sorts of loads from lumber to children hanging on.  NO helmets, no worries, … in The Netherlands, bike rule – pedestrians be wary, those wide lanes aren’t sidewalks and the unwary will be run down but cars stop and trucks wait.

flying high on a rainy day

Note: Originally posted at UncleWeed’s blog at Urban Vancouver on March 1, 2006 & recorded or Feb. 4 2006.

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