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White Poppies for Remembrance podcast series at PfGB

In case you aren’t checking out the Postcards from Gravelly Beach spoken word literature podcasts i brew up (they ain’t for everybody i suppose), you may want to check out a wee series i am (finally) editing from last Remembrance Day (Nov. 2006).

Come on along as i start with a bowl of oatmeal and trek downtown to (ostensibly) congregate in some ceremony and end up hanging out reading the goods in Victory Park, at New Amsterdam cafe plus Gastown alleys and finally back on North Shore porch. Topics include white poppies, peace, non-peace, aggressions, human rights and human potential, art and culture, the conditions of the Downtown Eastside and life of a resistance fighter.

Not quite the regular Postcards from Gravelly Beach style but whatever, … check out the fist two episodes which sorta set the stage for the next half dozen episodes.

Here is Part One:
Vanquishing Grecian Warlords – Postcard #39
(12MB, .mp3, 13:06)

Postcards from Gravelly Beach

And Part Two:
White Poppies on a Rainyday Coat – Postcard #41 (9:29, 9MB, .mp3)

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Recommended Aural Pleasure

I subscribe the various KEXP feeds for hours of podcast entertainment. This terrestrial and virtual radio station put out a song of the day, live performances and a killer experimental show called Sonarchy Radio recorded at the non-profit Jack Straw studios.

Their “flagship” podcast “Music that Matters” (iTunes)has a revolving host seat and a variety of contexts and usually quite good. Episode #26 however, blew me away. Hosted by engineer Scott Colburn, the show sounds amazing with eye candy headphone mojo flowing and unique bands busting it out – noe of which i’d ever heard of and all of which i enjoyed.

A combo with marimba and vibraphone, well forget it, … here’s the track list, go download it, torch a fatty and put on the headphones as Scott takes you through the recording process with relevant anecdotes and commentary about the engineer’s art.

Tracks: 1. Miracle Chosuke – Gonkulator, 2. David Russell And The Sideshow Symphonette – Letters, 3. Emblematic – Let It Out, 4. Transmissionary Six – Powder Burn, 5. Firebrat – Mojo,6. Elba – A Pilot’s Art, 7. Arkade – Boarding Pass Only, 8. Christian And Miho’s Mallet Jazz – Ni To Roku, 9. Ota Prota – Clams Holding Hands, 10. Yam – Dub Fear, 11. Cerberus Shoal – Sole of Foot of Man

Scott ColburnScott has produced a smattering of noteworthy acts (from the mighty Mudhoney to legends The Sonics and The Wailers), he’s a hands-on producer/engineer since he is also a musician (he plays in Sun City Girls) and lives and records in a giant old church in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle as you can learn in this article from the Seattle Weekly. from which i also borrowed this photo of the engineer in question.

Get your tickets for Choogle on Live!

Well, not on tour quite yet … so just enjoy the Choogle on podcasts for the time being or go make your own ticket stub (and finally make the “proof” to support the lie to your friends that you saw Hendrix back in the  day ;-))

Postcards from Gravelly Beach: Postcard album art

Postcards Postcard

My amigo Bread busted out this sweet postcard for Postcards from Gravelly Beach podcast.

Postcards Postcard