Recommended Aural Pleasure

I subscribe the various KEXP feeds for hours of podcast entertainment. This terrestrial and virtual radio station put out a song of the day, live performances and a killer experimental show called Sonarchy Radio recorded at the non-profit Jack Straw studios.

Their “flagship” podcast “Music that Matters” (iTunes)has a revolving host seat and a variety of contexts and usually quite good. Episode #26 however, blew me away. Hosted by engineer Scott Colburn, the show sounds amazing with eye candy headphone mojo flowing and unique bands busting it out – noe of which i’d ever heard of and all of which i enjoyed.

A combo with marimba and vibraphone, well forget it, … here’s the track list, go download it, torch a fatty and put on the headphones as Scott takes you through the recording process with relevant anecdotes and commentary about the engineer’s art.

Tracks: 1. Miracle Chosuke – Gonkulator, 2. David Russell And The Sideshow Symphonette – Letters, 3. Emblematic – Let It Out, 4. Transmissionary Six – Powder Burn, 5. Firebrat – Mojo,6. Elba – A Pilot’s Art, 7. Arkade – Boarding Pass Only, 8. Christian And Miho’s Mallet Jazz – Ni To Roku, 9. Ota Prota – Clams Holding Hands, 10. Yam – Dub Fear, 11. Cerberus Shoal – Sole of Foot of Man

Scott ColburnScott has produced a smattering of noteworthy acts (from the mighty Mudhoney to legends The Sonics and The Wailers), he’s a hands-on producer/engineer since he is also a musician (he plays in Sun City Girls) and lives and records in a giant old church in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle as you can learn in this article from the Seattle Weekly. from which i also borrowed this photo of the engineer in question.

Whatcha think?