Holidaze in the Fanzone – Canucks Outsider #69

At the Canucks Fan Zone kiosk on the concourse at the game versus the Duck, Dave talks to a variety of fans, pundits, and passers-by including J.J. of the Canucks Hockey blog, Andy from Anaheim (don’t worry, he’s a Canucks fan), Roland the technologist, young Chris talking drafts, world juniors and college vs. junior career path, and finally the newest member of Canucks nation from England via Australia with a bag full of souvenirs celebrating the win en route to a pub.

Topics include Kings vs Ducks fans, draft history, Cody Hodgson, goalies, salary cap, Brian Burke, and the passion of Canadian fans and the economics of going to games. Cheers to Miss 604, Jamie and Bruce representing the Fanzone, Richard Loat and pals (Canucks Facebook app), and all the folks in the live blog especially Steve UK.

Download/Listen to: Holidaze in the Fanzone – Canucks Outsider #69 (.mp3, 40:30, 37MB)

Canucks Outsider - Holidaze in the fanzone

Music and Poetry by:

The Black Tories “Ghost in the Machine”

C Average various

Randall Maggs from Night Work “The Sawchuk Poems

Album art: photo by Dave’s iPhone, art’ed up in Picnik

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